[CLOSED] New Game Development Team Looking For Developers!

Hi, everyone! Here’s the update on the positions:

The Builder positions have been filled by @Gucci_Dabs222 & @Turkeyboythankful.
The UI positions have been filled by @Adiirex & @EggcellentHumor.

The Scripter and Animator positions are still open! For those of you who have posted portfolios for the Animator position, do not worry, we are just waiting for @IQ_Dev to post his/hers (if/she he will).

Congratulations to all who are now recruited!



Open the scripter position, I already applied to another post.

Ok, I will immediately. Sorry to see you go!

Hey so how do I contact you my discord is MauBicho#1588 and my Twitter is https://mobile.twitter.com/MauBichoYTanDev

What about me for animator? Will I have the position?

Sounds great! Now, how will we have contact with eachother?

I asked the same thing lol do you know?

I do not know at the moment. Have to check again later.

Okay. I will nofiy you too if i get any news

We will be contacting through Discord.

Add me R0bl0x10501050#9989.

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Dang thats game i wanted to make i’m interested in builder position i love to play with you in dota soon.

Heres my portfolio, there is also some stuff not up there yet that I can share with you through discord. https://devforum.roblox.com/t/for-hire-ob-animator-for-hire

I am interested, here is my discord Eric_Homemade#0001

Are you still hiring a scripter?

I’m a experienced Scripter (over 2 years) no discord please message me on forum, Job as a Scripter

Sorry, due to a recent problem, I have paused recruitment. I will notify all of you when it resumes.

Please do I really like what you have going on here.

@Adiirex @Bootsthe1cat @IQ_Dev @Cre_Dev @Necrophosy @ObDevelopment @Eric_Homemade @Angrybird0905roblox @rayyanhussai_dev

This recruitment post is now CLOSED as the dev team fell apart. We will no longer be recruiting. I’m sorry to everyone who I pinged just now since I knew you all wanted a development role on this game.

Can you please explain what happened? I was supposed to be part of this…

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