[CLOSED] Periodic Games is looking for a smooth terrain designer (R$20K - R$30K)

Periodic Games is a relatively new game development studio founded by LowPolys. The current team has known each other for over 3 years now, and our team is not just colleagues, but friends as well. We all have experience working on a front page game that was featured on the Rthro page, as well as chosen for the LiveOps program. For this job, you will be applying to the Lithium Labs group which hosts this project.

@LowPolys - Head developer / Bit of everything
@EternalFurious - Builder
@Alorist - Scripter


General information

The team is working on a large project that will include a very large, smooth terrain based map. Both myself and EternalFurious are capable of making terrain, however we are busy with other responsibilities, and we want to continue work at a productive pace.

We need someone who has experience creating large scale terrain, to create a map approximately 12,000 x 12,000 studs. You will not be responsible for building any structures, or added vegetation. Only the terrain. We do not mind if you use heightmaps, how the terrain gets done is not an issue. However, we expect that you will spend time making sure all parts of the map look and feel immersive to a player, which heightmaps alone are not able to do. Manual editing and fixing of terrain is a requirement. We also require that you show us daily progress, or work in a team create game.

The game is set in and around the Northern part of the Caucasus, familiarity with the geography of the region or willingness to learn is a big plus. Geography will include mountain ranges, rivers, and forest, it is a very diverse area.


We want to have half the terrain done before the end of August so that we can beging incorporating our assets onto it. This is a pretty strict deadline, so please don’t apply if you have other responsibilities that will get in the way of finishing this job.


Our budget is between :robux_gold:20,000 and :robux_gold:30,000, paid via group funds. We may also be interested in a long term relationship, in which you would receive a percentage of the games revenue. These figures are negotiable.

You must be at least 13 years old to apply for this job, along with have at minimum 1 year of applicable development experience. You can contact us via Twitter DMs, Discord (LowPolys#0927), or here on the DevForum. Please send your portfolio along with any other information you would like to share, such as why you’d be a good fit for this position.

I hope to see you on the team soon! :smile:


Hi, I am interested, I build, but I’ve done terrain before.

You can see proof of funds if you contact me via one of the provided methods. I will not be posting proof of funds on the DevForum, that is unnecessary.

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We are still looking for someone to fill this position! I have updated the minimum payment.

I would like to work with you but sadly I will not be able to do much work because of school however here is my portfolio

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