[CLOSED] Pet Modeler Needed! [24k]


About Us

Hello, I am 12904, current Lead of Development for Barbie Kingdom, a clothing group on roblox worth millions. We are branching into game development!

The Team
@BarbieBankz - Owner/Investor
@12904 - Scripter

About The Job

We are looking for a modeler that is willing to do us 14+ bird meshs.




Common birds:

Blue bird
Red Bird
Green bird
Yellow bird
Pink bird

Uncommon birds:

Rainbow bird
Grass bird (green color, with grass at the beginning to tips of wing)
Flower bird (pink/yellow color, with flowers at the beginning to tips of wing)
Rock bird (grey color, with stones for wings, stones going down its spine)

Rare birds:

Cloud bird (Light baby blue, with clouds as its wings, kinda like that pokemon)
Ghost bird (White, the bird but lowered opacity)
Fire bird (Red, yellow, orange, flames coming out of its wings)

Legendary birds:

King bird (Very rich dark red, with a king’s crown on top)
Void bird (Galaxy texture, sparkly body)

You must be good with particles as well as modeling.


We are paying 10k for the mesh as well as 1k for each different type of bird since it will be based off the same mesh. The total will be 24k

Contact Us

You can contact me on discord at 12904#1757


Hello, I do not think you want to hire me, but I can do this. If you need to see my portfolio DM me.

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Yes, it is 700-1k robux per pet

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Okay, I will make a bird then show it to you and see if that is what you want. Do you want it in a flying motion or standing?

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Sorry, but we prefer to hire someone else.

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Is this a joke? If not, do you mind me asking why…? Aside from a lack of enthusiasm in the beginning, there seem to be no problems with Sam’s work. 100% understand that as the employer, it’s your decision, but this seems kinda rash.

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We just removed him as developer for a past project, we will rather not relive the same experience.


Yes, the experience was bad. I do not really need a job right now as I have others, but this is quick R.

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Once again, no offense, we prefer not to do business with you as of right now… This is not the style we are going for currently rn as well. A reference picture will be given to whoever applies.


You should list the style. Some modelers aren’t good at lowpoly, others are gods at it. Same goes for different styles.

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Still open! We have just about doubled what we were paying!

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Answer remains the same, we prefer to hire someone else.

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Would you be able to pay in USD?

Here is my portfolio

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From what I remembered I do not think they pay in USD.

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Sorry, we are only able to pay in robux

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Actually, Add me on disc, we can discuss it, my employer is kinda open to it for an extent.

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Sam, with all due respect, they said they DID NOT want to hire you repeatedly. This is making you look very desperate. If someone says they don’t want to hire you, please listen to them. It ends whatever needless conversation is going on.

They have nothing to prove/show you, and you have nothing to prove/show them. So why repeatedly ask if they want to hire you, even after they said no 3 times?


To to mention I already closed the post because we have hired @UlfhednarBathory to do them.

@Samchan77 I would appreciate it if you would just stop trying to convince us to re-hire you. It is not going to happen, we made that mistake once, a month later, we finally got sick of it and fired you. Please refrain from asking to us to hire you again.

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