(CLOSED) 'Pirate MMO' Based off of Seas Of Thieves. (Game Idea)

This project was cancelled about a month-two months after releasing our first official tease on Twitter and Discord. For those wondering why, it was due to a lack of sufficient funds and support, and we only had a few developers who wanted to consecutively work on this project. I know some people replied to this post having a lot of great idea’s and things that they would like to see that would make this different from other Pirate related games on the platform, and their support was and is still appreciated to this day. Unfortunately though I do not operate or develop on the :roblox: platform anymore, and instead work on a few projects on the Unity platform. If this helps anyone with anything, then I’m glad. If you have any questions feel free to message me on this or Discord, Disparrel#1552 or tweet at me using the @ symbol. Big thanks to the developers who did help me on this project, not sure if they are on the platform anymore but they have my respect for sticking to a project they knew would most likely fail.

Hey :roblox: Developers.

I have been working on a Pirate MMORPG since around January 15th,


Anyways, the game is based off of Seas of Thieves, as seen by the thread title. Basically, you can spawn on this one small island. It’ll have the shop, and tree’s around, great vegetation. You can go into the shop, where you can be taught the basics of the game.

From here you can get a small row-boat or purchase a giant pirate ship with Robux. You can travel to different islands, get treasure, sell treasure for in-game currency, attack NPC bosses, explore dungeons, under-water caves, and have fun with other players!

Target Audience Children aged 10 - 13
Platform PC, (for game beginning)
Server Size 25
Character Support R15 (custom animations)


  • Adventure - Travel to different islands/ports by boat.
  • Treasure - Find treasure on beaches, coves, and canyons (and in the water)
  • Other - Perhaps travel to different dimensions to earn and kill more NPC enemies

Gameplay Flow

  1. Player joins.
    1. Player can go speak with the shop merchant, to get the flow of the game!
    1. Player can travel to different islands. Obtain treasure, buy armors and weapons. Fight NPC’s.
  2. (more coming soon.)

Core Mechanics

  1. Inventory system
  2. NPC dialog system
  3. Swords/weapons/guns

User Controls

The user use ASDW to move around, top down camera. ‘I’ to access inventory. M to access mini-map.

World Locations

Baycola Reef (island you spawn on)

The Gloomy Holm


Buch The Merchant

Johnson Mc’Calford The Dock Person

Note this isn’t even the full game idea! MUCH more where this came from, which will not be listed incase of it getting stolen. Most things may look uncompleted, such as the characters list and world locations, this is to prevent it from getting stolen.


Sounds really fun! Looking forward to it!


I have never played Sea of thieves but this make wants to make me play it sounds fun. I hope you see your game on roblox.


There have been a few similar games that came before, be sure to check them out and analyze what they did wrong and what can you do to make it right.

Also make sure that the game is fun, that’s the most important thing in game development, and don’t quit, winners never quit!


I feel your target audience should be older, 5 year olds shouldn’t be required to know recipes and fighting mechanics (yes you have Minecraft but that’s really easy-to-remember recipes and all of the main items don’t really vary in ingredients). If you wanted to go there then you should aim for something straight forward like Epic Minigames or Jailbreak. Their concept is relatively simple, just escape the prison and rob stuff.

PC is a large platform but mobile is larger, kids these days are just downloading Roblox on their parent’s iPad. Objectives seem fine, maybe add factions/alliances? I feel that 25 player servers should be downgraded/upgraded depending on the size of the map. Rthro seems like a good fit for this but R15 will do fine.

Inventory should be “I” and the Mini-map key seems fine.

You need to look at Sea of Thieves and what they did wrong. Don’t be like No Man’s Sky at E3 and promise lots & lots of content. Be modest with your community and don’t have a burn out!

Seems like a good idea for Roblox but Tradelands is your biggest competitor here.

Good luck on your developing adventures.

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Hey, @Cinema_Sin!

So, thread has been updated to about 10 and up. (Of course though, anyone can play.)
I have changed the inventory key-bind and factions were always a thing, just weren’t listed.

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Depending on the map size you might want to Increase the server player maximum so you can still run in to other players and still interact with them rather than running around for ages before seeing anyone.

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Yeah… :thinking: I’ll probably change server sizes to 30 - 35, but considering the whole map is big, and will only be released on computer when it comes out… (until I find ways to reduce lag and all.) then, yeah, player sizes will be increased.

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I love pirate games! So here’s a list of a few pirate games on Roblox. Despite the quality, players either lost interest after a few weeks-months, or they never took off

However, the pirate games that have lasted the longest are usually the ones inspired by One Piece because they’ve been more community-involved, which is something anime devs are really good at. The main difference between them and regular pirate games is that they have super powers.

  • Arcane Adventures by VetexGames was really popular, but it was made before filtering enabled so it no longer works, but I highly recommend checking it out on YouTube
  • Cube of the Gods

The main advice I have, is to focus on the community. Create a discord for it, add custom crews where captains can set their own flag…
Also, don’t make the boats complicated. Make the steering and cannon fire simple.


One way to reduce lag would be to use StreamingEnabled.

This post gives a good few reasons why and why not to use it.

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Be careful not to mention Sea of Thieves or any synonims in your game anywhere.
Our Game Sea of Pirates just got DMCA’d down by Microsoft last Sunday.

We weren’t even copying the ideas from Sea of Theives. I guess our names matched.
I’m just saying, we also plan Open World and an MMORPG direction like you seem to have planned.
To avoid the pain of losing even if temporarily all that hard work never ever mention anything related to Microsoft, don’t use their fonts, models, sounds and you should be able to defend yourself if they do strike.

Edit: Just to clarify we created all the art in the game. We only had 1 mention of “Xbox”, 1 font of Microsoft used on 1 thumbnail and the similar names. We don’t even know which 1 of these offended them since the claim doesn’t specify anything concrete.