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What are the games that you are planning to work on?

Whatever the team finds is a good idea, and whatever will help us succeed. We will all think of innovative ideas together.

I am pretty sure you need to have a plan or progress already made before you start looking for people to help you work on stuff.

Hey, I can script and build :slight_smile:

so what game do you want to make?

Whatever, us the team… can come up with, and whatever we think is a innovative idea (read AlmostADemo’s reply)

I am interested, and I thank you for posting this. I mainly do my building on studio, with blender for more complicated things such as flower petals or more realistic rocks. I have sent you a friend request on discord. I feel your ideas of constructing a game idea and planning as a team would be beneficial.

I’d accepted you, you don’t seem to be responding on discord though.

Hello, I’m an programmer, You can add me on Discord: Krank#1003
Here’s my portfolio:

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