About Me

I’m ultra, currently with the username Ulferno on the platform. I have around 4 experience in Lua and JavaScript (Node.js). I have created quite a few successful games which have also been showcased by famous YouTubers. I’m able to work fast and respond to your requirements efficiently.


  • Foxtrot Medical Institute (Foxtrot Asylum, the very first original one).
  • Riverside Prison
  • United States Secret Service (Secret Service Roleplay, very first original one)
  • Northwood Prison
  • United States of America (both the paid one and strict rp one owned by myself)
  • Delta Medical Institute (Southside Asylum, very first original one).
  • LA:911 Version 1 (not version 2, thats scripted by crywink)
  • Central Medical Institute (ownership has now since changed)
  • Central High School
  • Los Angeles Airlines (Iloilo Airport)

Other Projects

  • I’ve also scripted my own firearms system, missile system and other weapons.
  • LiveShield moderation bot (for USSS and the USA groups)


I am available during most of the week and weekend, I live in the UK so my timezone is British Summer Time (UTC+1).


Prices are negotiable, however I only take commissions for 30K robux and above.
I accept PayPal after the final price is calculated in robux and converted into USD using the developer exchange rates.


I do not work for free, all commissions are for 30K+ unless otherwise negotiated with myself.
I do not accept percentages/the game’s revenue.
You will receive the assets after payment.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or preferably via Discord at Ul#0631

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Would recommend, have not worked with him but have seen his work and it is amazing.

Hello. I was curious when commissions would be opened? I tried to add you on discord but both your username and the link were invalid. Add me, b0b#4048. Here is my project in question. Hiring a scripter for animated weapons! [50k+]