(Closed) Recruiting UI designer, and Terrain Designer!

Hey, would you be able to pay in robux as well?

Yes, that might be an option! 30 characters

Add me so we can talk some more! rosscko#7637

25$ for terrain design? That’s a little low

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Sorry! Let me rise it! 30 char

Hello, I’m interested in making a few GUIs for you (not full term).

Thats great! please friend me so we can talk some more!

I raised base price to 50$, again, base

What’s your discord? :slight_smile:

rossko#7637 30 characters fgfdg

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I’d be glad to help you out here and there, I do not have many examples, but I do believe I can be quite useful!

Alright :)! (30 characters for some reason)

Hm, it didn’t work? Mine’s Honestly_DDR#9647.

I am highly interested in doing the ui
here is my portfolio

and here is one of my recent work.

I’m interested in the environmental design position! I added you on discord valor#9190

Sounds good! Thanks! 30 characters

Sent a request! (30 CHARACTERS)

Hi! Do you need a GFX artist? I

I am interested for the position as an UI designer!
I added you on Discord (PalmCrafter#8841)!

I am interested for the terrain designing position.

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