[CLOSED] Scripter/UI Designer for Upcoming Simulator

About Us

Hi, there! We’re Cine Studios, a small upcoming development team. We’re seeking an experienced scripter, who is also experienced in UI design, to join our team.

The Team

Head Builder: @NK4Z
Secondary Builder: DesiredFrame
Head Scripter: d_vxns
Secondary Scripter: N/A
GFX Designer: sIatters

Our game progress will be kept private for now, however I’m willing to send a screenshot through direct messages if you’re willing to apply for the position.

About The Job

We need a highly experienced scripter and UI designer, who can make very well constructed scripts and UIs for our simulator. They need to be able to script a lot of things, such as pets, NPCs, shops, selling areas, etc. The entire scripting plan is already made. They need to be cartoon/kid friendly UIs, similar to other simulators.


You will be paid only through a percentage of game revenue once the game is released.

Contact Us

Message @NK4Z on the forum
Discord: NK4Z#9893
You must be at least 13 years of age to apply.

Thank you for reading!

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If the game isn’t successful, what will the Scripter/UI Designer be payed?

As what @z4ayn said, the payment section is very brief. How much percent are you talking about? Since scripter alone is a lot then add UI on top of that.

Also I feel that it doesn’t make sense to ask for someone who is a experienced scripted and UI designer. While yes, UI and scripting can go together from what I’ve seen not a lot of people are experienced at both. I would just hire one of each and as I said above when talking about payment, since it might be a lot of percent maybe just contract the UI designer.

Hope this helps and good luck hiring.


You know I’m up for this job, in all seriousness, message me on Discord.