The Job

Hello! Dadsy Studios has a new game coming focused on parkour! I’m in need of a scripter, UI designer and a GFX designer!
Scripters Job would mainly be about scripting reward givers, a shop to spend the cash earned from the short obbys you do. (Of course, more information would be given once contacted!) For the UI designer. It would mainly be about making UI designs for “Menu” “Mute” “Unmute” “Buy cash” etc… (And yes, more information once contacted.) For the GFX artist, it would be the thumbnails and the logo of the game.

The Development Team
@dadtir01 - Lead Builder
@xPuff_le - Scripter
@Empty Spot! - Scripter
@Not looking for more! - UI Designer
@Found/Done! - GFX Designer


The time that we need them done are not limited, but we need them ASAP! We do not want to make the scripters/GFX designer/UI designer be pressured since we need the best quality no matter how long it would take! But we are not going to be okay if someone wants to take half a year for it…(This can also be talked about once contacted! :slight_smile: )


I’m paying either from group funds or via a t-shirt! The amount being given will be negotiated! Though we are wanting to pay a good amount for the amount of work that is done!

Contact Us



I think I’m interested, we can talk more on my discord. Here’s my portfolio with all the information needed; [Currently Closed] xPuff_le | Portfolio | GFX, UI, Scripting

I’ve sent a request! Ill be talking more about it on your discord!

I can do your GFX no problem. Discord - Bladeforger265#4130

It seems like there is a problem, is the tag correct?

I can do the GFX here is my portfolio (CLOSED!) Jackman13799 / GFX - #2
My Discord is Wizzardofazz#8707

Changed it sorry. TheFallen_Vortex#4130

Ahh, sorry bro, I found one already! :frowning:

Ok. Fair enough. Thanks anyway.

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