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Hello, I am Dawson and I am the owner of the new Roblox (Dawson Awesome Productions) I plan that this group will make many games on Roblox that all people can enjoy. We already have many game ideas in mind but we have already started on one of them. This game is going to be like, Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby or Life in Paradise and kinda like a role-playing game like a hangout. Also if you want if you help with the game and you might want to help in our future projects we can add you to the developers’ category in our group because we would most likely love to work with you again, and there is an area in every game we make that will show who made things for the game.

We are looking for all different kinds of developers

  1. We need at least 2 Modelers
  2. We need at least 2 Scripters
    Also, I am still new to the dev forum so if someone could explain some things for me that would be helpful.

(Work that we currently need to be done)
Models- a three-sided DJ booth, a bush, a working police car(with spawner), and more!
Scripting- I need someone to make a menu for our game ( and after you hit play you are given the option to be an adult, teen, kid, baby, dog, or cat.) and more!

You can contact me at any time my discord is DGamer341#4085

Our group funds currently are not even 100 yet so we are currently looking for someone who would work for free or just looking for something to do!

You can contact me at any time my discord is DGamer341#4085

Thanks for reading! Also, this is my first Roblox dev forum post! Please consider the offer :slight_smile:



Im very beginner in building but im up for the challenge just need to know when we start

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I’ll DM you on discord and help you out with the forum!

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What about a builder man…


I do it for free

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This is offtopic and unprofessional. You should delete this before a mod comes into contact with you

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just add me on discord so we can start conversation

sure just add me on discord so we can start with the conversation

Hello im very interested in this job contact me here or my via twitter

Why even hire 8 people if the budget isn’t even a dollar?

It’s better to hire 1-2 people until you get more access to money.

i am sorry i dont have twitter please add me on discord

i guess that makes sense thanks for the advice i will keep that in mind next time

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I cant discord shut down my account and no i cannot make new one

do you have anything else we can use

twitter or gmail my gmail is memecreatoryeet@gmail.com

ok i will try to contact you as soon as possible

ok. sir…

Well, i’m a modeler, you can contact me if you’re eventually able to pay me 300 robux per asset

portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeller | Red1Monster

Sent friend request on discord.

User: depressed.#4058

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