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When it comes to Roblox’s TOS, I don’t think the way someone sounds can really seal the fact that they are over 13. Other personal information can be blurred, I just need to make sure people are really who they say they are.


Yeah, I’m not interested in working for a Studio that requests a birth certificate. I’m also not comfortable with sharing my face as that’s my right not to share that information.

A lot of developers are the same way because privacy is key to a lot of people, I recommend removing the Face ID and the Birth Certificate procedure as it will sway a lot of good, hardworking developers to not work with you.

There are many reason to why I request to see identification.

  1. This is a career, not any old job.

  2. It’s against Roblox’s TOS to hire someone under the age of 13.

  3. I like to know who I am working with when I ask people to dedicate themselves to making games inside of my game studio.

Legal reasons are also involved, but I do understand where you guys are coming from. If you guys aren’t comfortable with showing ID, I can’t change that.

Thank you!

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I’ve got something to say actually,

Most jobs only require a developer to speak in a VC.

Also a “career” is only considered a real career if you work out of an office, with a proper business permit.

You also do have a choice if it’s your studio, you only need voice verification, you’re gonna scare developers off with this as they don’t feel as if it’s necessary to show this proof and it takes them out of the comfort zone.


Hey, just a tip. This isnt an actual career. It may be a starting point for some developers but realistically not paying wages can be just as easily defined as working for free till success. I can easily assume that anyone can make a post like this and gain some interest without having to identify themselves or make this a career. It is against ROBLOX TOS to hire someone under 13, but you arent hiring. You are merely selecting developers with interest and not paying any wages (The age minimum stands for tax purposes, which doesnt apply here). The last point is fixed easily, first name basis works just fine and as you aspire and grow, you will gain a mutual understanding.


I personally think that providing your personal details is insecure, even for me. Your policy of working minimum 4 hrs/week is not worth keeping as developers can be under pressure, specially if they are young. Also, you have no right to force people to work with you, it’s their personal choice if they want to quit. I believe that if you keep your developers independent enough, they will like working with you and you’ll get the best out of them.

Also, I’d like to add that if you really are here for hiring people, you should ask for a portfolio.

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Hello, I would like to apply here for the music part.
(OPEN)) Composer/SFX for hire
Discord: DevNetCheese#2725

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I would recommend @DevNetCheese as his sound tracks and audio is top quality!


Just to clear up confusion.

  1. Why am I being so demanding

I have tried to make this group independent, and I’ve tried to make it a non-stressful group, but some people just don’t do anything and use “busy” as an excuse, although they are observed playing Roblox hours on end.

  1. You don’t want to show your identification

I’ve said this quite a lot, but if you don’t like the idea of it, then go to a different recruiter. I’ve also stated why I would like to see who you are. If the fact that I require identification = less people, I don’t care.

  1. What do I think a career is

I believe a career is a job worked long-term that has a possibility to earn large quantities of money. That’s what I had meant of a career when I posted this.

If you are really troubled by something in this post, contact me.

Regards, Ashus1u.

Where is this at? Because I look thought it twice all I see is this.

Am not really sure but how is this? Stated why you need to explain a little bit more.
I have no problem with showing my face and all but people need to know why we can trust you?

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Thanks for the concern, I have quoted where I stated it.

Ok, but how do we know we can trust you? With the info we give you? Again not trying to be rude just making your we can be safe.

I’m sure that if you edit this post just a little, by removing the forced labour policy, you’ll get tons of applications as the Dev Forum is a huge community and you can’t enter Dev Forums anyway if you are under the age of 13. There are thousands of hardworking developers who were looking for a group to work with and some may have already ignored this post. Remember, this is just an advice. You can do whatever you want with this post.

Okay, I see that quite a lot of you are upset with many aspects of this post, which has caused quite some drama, so I have updated it to suit everybody’s needs. Hope I have fixed it.



Could you please pick one or clarify why it is different in different sections.

I am a builder, my discord is: Nicolas DEV # 4794

Fixed. Sorry about that, I had forgotten to edit that part.

Hey, I’ve reached out on discord but I can’t reply, you’d need to add me as a friend or open messages for everyone

I actually got hired as a Terrain Designer for this group but for some reason they decided to kick me off their Discord Development group and unfriend me.

I’ve tried to contact Wendy again about why I was kicked off but no I got no response. Another thing to note here is their group is fully abandoned.

Very suspicous would not recommend joining.

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