[CLOSED] Thanks for Appyling!

Greetings on behalf of Stardust Studios.

This position has now closed. :grin:


I interesting

I have send freinds request, my name is Grenouille #0604

I’m interested, I’ve sent you a friend request for discord.
Discord: Arthur_Lewis # 8614.

Hello, if you send my manager a friend request through discord he will be sure to contact you.

Accepting all soon, we’re currently getting 1-2 friend requests per every 5 minutes.

alrighty, hope to talk with you soon!

Indeed! :grin:

Whilst waiting, we appreciate if you could get work of images ready / portfolio.

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Hello there, I seem interested and could help you out for UI designing: [LIMITED] loueque | Enthusiastic Programmer, UI Designer Portfolio


What is the game about? Just wondering.

We’re making a 4 team battle castle based game, we’re the other teams have to defeat each others king whilst avoiding traps etc. The game name is going to be called Fortress Fighters. (BASIC CONCEPT) We’re also including different game modes, different maps with different traps etc.

if you unfriend us, does that mean we were denied.

I’ll have to speak to my manager, he didn’t tell me.

I’m intrested in the modeler job.

Sent a friend request on discord - Schnitzel#7106

I’m interested. I contacted you on discord (Picks-L#8209)

Hey, I know a really good GFX and UI Artist! He is amazing! Here is his portfolio: Juno | GFX Artist/Designer

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