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Hi there! I’m a Roblox developer with 3+ years of experience in designing maps and building. I specialize in making fantasy-themed maps and obby maps. I am highly skilled in project and time management. When I am given a job I always deliver commissions and work on time.

My Work
Victorian Cavern (newest)

Arabian City

Dessert City

Junky Metropolis

Monochrome City

Mining Slums

Fantasy Bazaar

Modular Forest

Fantasy Gardens


Medieval City

Tower Paradise

Greek Ruins

Floating village

snowy town

The Eerie Grotto

Overgrown townlet

Commissioned Work
Commissioned Obby Maps
Newer maps
Escape the Wicked Witch


Candy Factory

Summer camp

Undewater Lab

Escape Skibi Obby


Older maps


Overgrown city

Blossom forest





Toybox 2



Inverted Color Forest

Floating Castle

Abandoned City


Radioactive Wasteland

Box Factory

Moon Base


Purple Village



Commissioned Maps
Fire Station

Medieval buildings



Wild West

Wild West

Wild West

Commissioned Work for Find The Button V.2
Mining Mode

Diving Mode

SciFi Mode

Valentine mode

Easter Mode

Uploading: RobloxScreenShot20210403_154004225.png…

Obby Mode 2

Monochrome Mode

Rainbow Mode

Sweet Spring Mode

Maze Mode

Please play this ingame.

link: ⛄Find The Button - Roblox

Wild West Mode

Dungeon Mode

Frost Mode

Science Mode

The Wasteland

Daily Mode (miscellaneous)

About 1 - 3 hours on school days.

About 5 - 10 hours on other days.

My time zone is EST.

I accept Robux and USD (paypal)

Small Assets & Props: 2k+ :robux_gold: or 10 - 20 :money_with_wings:

Medium Assets: 5k+ :robux_gold: or 20 - 175 :money_with_wings:

Big assets & Maps: 50k+ :robux_gold: or 175+ :money_with_wings:

Hourly rate: 18-25 USD per hour

Prices are usually negotiable

I usually do not accept percentages, I will only accept group payouts if the commission is larger than 30k.

My preferred method of payment is paypal.

I will most likely refuse commissions that are cafes or maps that are highly realistic.

  1. You must pay the tax if you are paying me with game passes.
  1. You must pay a percentage upfront depending on the commission.
  1. I will not provide refunds.

  1. I have the right to deny or cancel an order. I will always provide a valid reason why.
  1. You may not cancel an order if it is almost done.

Discord: yixis (recommended)

Devforum: @Useless_Dolphin

Thanks for reading! :heart:


Really really nice work! You’ve improved quite a bit! Keep up the spectacular work! :clap:


Amazing builder! Fast builder with much talent.

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Dolphin is a great builder & modeler. Communicative, passionate and talented. I very much recommend her!


Amazing builder very reliable listens to you what to say and does the job well. Good job

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Just reformatted my portfolio and added a lot of new work. :smiley:

Highly recommend Useless_Dolphin puts in a lot of detail into the work

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Highly recommend! Dolphin was able to design a whole homestore for me, even when I wasn’t able to give much reference. I’m still shocked at how the final build turned out. Thank you so much!

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Vouch, built an obby for me and completed it super fast. Definitely recommend and will be using again.

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Amazing building. This is a must buy builder!

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Amazing building. She built me a homestore within one day, great communication. I very much recommend her!

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Highly recommend! She works extremely well and extremely cheaply

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@Useless_Dolphin did an amazing job for Find The Button! We can highly recommend the work, it is very talented!


She works really quickly, is a great builder, and is very reliable! Had a great experience working with her as a commissioner.


The work she delivered is very nice and very fast! Nice person to work with.

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I hired Useless_Dolphin for my Cafe, quick and easy to work with. Very open to suggestions and I recommend them.

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Hired Usless_Dolphin to make a store for a clothing group a couple months ago. The store was very well built and she was willing to change things after they payment 10/10 would reccomend (p.s. Dolphin if you reading this, i just became a member so thats why my reccomendation took so long)

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Sent you a friend request. Adverse#3861

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I really loved your builds! I really recommend you increasing your prices. Anyways, good job!