[CLOSED] Vaulted is Hiring an Animator

Hello, we are Vaulted, an upcoming prison break game with a lot of dedication being put into it. We are a group of talented individuals and are looking to make a positive addition to our team. We plan to release a new update every few months with a completely new city.

Vaulted Development Team
@TheN_eonChoice - Co-Owner
@WoWuaAGAiN - Manager/Tester
@xxI_Ghostxx - Programmer
@Vanzuco - Programmer 2
@Shimi01 - Animator
@SebasGG1228 - Modeler/Builder
@RickDamas - Modeler
@XE17 - Terrain Builder 1
@DevelopingRepo_RBLX - Road Builder 1
@LostInDelaware - Road Builder 2
@sh_era - Clothing Designer

About The Job

Currently looking for an animator to help create a large sum of animations. These would include things such as:

  • Gun Animations (Equipping, Shooting, Reloading)
  • Vehicle Animations (Entering, Exiting, Driving)

And likely more to come. All the models and bases for these animations are completed and are usable as references.


Payment will be done with USD through the means of PayPal. If there is any problems with using PayPal or prefer a different payment method, that can be discussed further down the road.

We will also pay bonuses on special occasions to those who go above and beyond with their work. Bonuses are scaled by the amount of hours worked, so the more the better.

Contact Us

Contact me at on discord if you have any questions or would like to apply for the position.


I’ve dmed you.


Are the road builders solely responsible for building a road map of a city? Only the roads, nothing more?

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Hello, I already sent you a message in discord :)!

They will need to build roads, bridges, tunnels, intersections, and more. Most things pertaining to a roadway. We have everything specifically mapped out where we it needs to go, just need someone to build it.


am interested in helping. By the way check discord

Alright, awesome! I have sent you a request on discord – Boone#5130

Did not receive a message from you. Be sure you spelled my discord username correctly.

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Sorry now if I sent you a message in discord

Closed; thanks all for applying.


Applications have been reopened. We are now looking for an additional Terrain Builder as well as a Clothing designer. Be sure to contact me if you are interested in applying.


Is the terrain low poly?

Its roblox terrain using the built in tools in studio.

Contacted. My discord is: andrew ; koroukk#1845

Closed once again. Thanks for applying.

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Opened once again. Seeking an animator to help with VAULTED. Please prefer to the edit in the original post for all the details. Good luck to those applying.

Closed, we found who we were looking for. Thanks all for applying.

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