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FORCE - Game Contributor
ARC 32 - Facility Engineer
Area 02 - Head Developer
ARC 478 - Builder

Hi, I am an experienced builder looking to broaden my experience on the platform. I’ve been developing for quite a long amount of time, approximately around the beginning of 2020 is when I’ve began building professionally, but have done a good bit of work since. I’ve spent many years in the SCP Genre, (5-6 years overall) which is my preferred building style, so I’m well accustomed to industrial/modern/sci-fi builds. Of course, I am and always will be willing to try other types of builds.

*I also enjoy building in styles such as Fantasy, and in the similar style of games such as Deepwoken (by Arch_Mage and Ragoozer) and modern games like Portal 2.

There are some types of builds that I won’t do, however. I will not be building:
Low Poly (generic low poly style, reference simulator games or games like “Adopt Me”)
ROBLOX Terrain (to a certain point)

I’m best with architectural builds, not as much with organic builds.


Many of my builds are large scaled, so it can be difficult to show everything up close. If you are interested in specific close ups, contact me!

Currently working nowhere, looking to work.


ARC 32 Entrance Zone (Terrain, elevator, props not by me)

Unfinished SCP Build

Miscellaneous Builds

Area 77, Passion Project (FIB Lighting)


Fantasy Prop Set

Personal Site Build Project

FORCE Builds


Due to me making very large games, I am VERY experienced in organization and optimization. I use “shadow bricks” which are bricks that are transparent and outline the actual build with collisions and shadows, while the build you see has no collisions nor shadows which makes the game smoother. Example below:


I can usually work for a decent amount of time. Considering I have classes, it is usually better for me to work on the weekends (up to five hours a day) and a few select weekdays (around one hour a day).


I ONLY accept ROBUX and USD as payment. Also, I am only looking for per-asset payment or up front payment. I do not, nor will ever accept percentages of money made from a game as that is very risky and usually these types of things fail (unless the game is already setup). I can negotiate with payment but don’t undersell me, I’m not going to build you a game for 400 ROBUX, sorry.


You can contact me on Discord here: Stellarch#7777
Or, if for whatever reason, you can always send me a message on the ROBLOX website.


Realism is amazing, keep it up.

i really like it but i think is a bit chuncky

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Added on discord, 12904#1757. Look forward to working with you!

Updated with the new store building, and some other images.

Your discord Tag doesn’t seem to work, if your open, please add me:


I added you my discord is
Tinapay lalaki#2728
I need you to revamp a map I made

I work for a group called SCP: Dameonophobia as a manager, we’re currently looking for brutalist builders (like you) for an upcoming project.

I’m aware that you’re a full-time developer for Toad’s but if you’re available after working for them or have nothing to do we’d love to have you on our team. Payment can be negotiated but I have hopes we can come to an agreement.

Teaser: TEST01.mp4 - Google Drive