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Yeah, below half of the minimum wage. But building low poly maps in ROBLOX isn’t a real job. Real jobs require way more learning and taking courses, while building low poly maps requires a bit of dedication and investment of time. So I don’t see why people would compare this to minimum wage.

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Yes, but time is money. You can’t spend 20Hrs+ on a job thats fairly “simple” and get a low pay just because it didn’t require much experience. Also, jobs like a cashier don’t require taking courses, and are payed around the minimum wage.


Two things, first being a cashier requires having a real job that is very tedious and not fun and sacrifice of free time. Second, things that require more skill usually take higher pay, so if a doctor spends 4 hours on a surgery he will get more than a cashier etc.

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What’s the definition of a “real job” 3d modelling can be seen as a real job, as it used in various commercial uses and a lot of things outside of Roblox. I’m not saying that we should be charging minimum wage for our work, but if someone is charging below minimum wage for works that take a lot of time, you shouldn’t complain.

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Thats clearly not a classification of a “real job”. College isn’t a requirement for quite a lot of real life opportunities therefore your logic for

is completely flawed. For example, being a cashier (as you bring up) doesnt require a college education or specifically learning any lessons (as I have been one myself before). Your next quote:

Is simply untrue and I doubt the experience you have in building if you say so. Building (3d modeling) requires a lot of dedication and time, it’s so crucial its responsible for almost everything you see visually in video games (could even be classified as art at this point). Builders also “sacrifice” time and in return earn money. I genuinely don’t know how to respond to your other comments about “requiring more skill” and such because I can’t fathom you don’t know 3d modeling is an actual job that video game companies recruit for. I would highly suggest doing research and looking at other people’s portfolios for their amazing work in blender and external software to see real dedication and time.
Doing the research for you, the monthly salary for a 3d modeler is 5,000 USD to 15,000 USD while a cashier stands at an average of 2,000 USD per month.
I will delete this comment on request from OP if he classifies this as spam, just the comment of someone in this thread is outrageous


Yeah, modelling is a real job. Just not for extremely low poly things such as this.

This is gonna be my last post on this thread.

Regarding “going to college”, where else are you planning to learn and take courses? Im not sure your experience in working with poly is correct. Do you by chance use blender at all? Im looking at your models and they are very clearly made in studio. The difference between a low-poly and high-poly are very minimal in production, just the visual style is transparent. The classification on ROBLOX gets lost in translation but the time and effort stays the same, your point just doesn’t make sense if you are trying to distinguish a difference between them. Also, no. You are again changing the definition of what you classify a real job, which is now you have to physically attend a place of business to have a real job. Fine, Im about to step into my manager’s office at Ubisoft while Im making my models, do I now have a real job? There are plenty of people who work at home (for example right now because of COVID-19). Would you consider literally the whole nation not working right now? No one is ever tied to a place and if you ever held a job you would know you can petition to work at home due to many reasons. If I was to bring some examples, a lot of contractors (such as lawyers, accountants, and non-established firms) work from different places and aren’t tied to a place of business. You are also not defining physical labor correctly, physical labor is legitimately any effort you are contributing to the work force. I could be translating papers for a client for money and be contributing physical labor. Again, highly recommend you do research on what physical labor is and the extent it has to employment. Also, no a cashier won’t be able to sit down and create models (thats just being ignorant and quite disrespectful to the field of video game development). I may as well challenge you to replicate anything in my portfolio and Im pretty sure you won’t be able to (and you are not even a cashier, apparently a “modeler”). While 3d modeling doesn’t require a certain degree to fulfill, there is a certain learning process that one can’t just replicate (this is why people get paid $$$). I more than agree that doctors earn more money than 3d modeling, what does this have to do with dispelling 3d modeling is not a job? Im sorry if you believe that some jobs are more important to society than others based on a certain scale of importance (that you made up yourself), I suggest you do research on capitalism and the cycle of cashflow (from households to businesses). Your last edit literally doesn’t matter, for the sake of the argument you identify 3d modeling not a real job and therefore we argue on the complicity of that statement versus your personal opinion.

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Which models are you talking about? I make my models in Blender, and I just by reading the first few lines I can tell you misunderstood my point. That’s fine though, I don’t want any bad blood between us. :wave:
Edit: FYI I make some of my models look very low poly because it is what the client wants, yes I can make medium or high poly.

i love you, but you’re out of my budget


Hello! What would be the size for a Medium/Regular map in Studs? Like 600x600, for example.

I’ve spoken to you before on discord. Can’t seem to find you and can’t add you again. Has something happened to your account? Please add me when you can after this issue is resolved. (Nameless_1234#2545) - Thanks.

…Can you do interior? Add me my disc is -5#5999

No, unfortunately I do not do that.

Commissions re-opened, I am accepting 1-2 commissions!

I am no longer accepting ROBUX payments!

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Wow I am highly intersted! Messaging you on discord right now!!!

Hey, do you create homestores?

I used to but I don’t really anymore. Hit me up one Discord and we’ll discuss.

Anything is a job if you’re making a steady income. Think about adopt me, the developers of that game make millions.

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Hello, are you still open for commissions ?

No, not at the moment. I have a lot of work to do right now.

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