[CLOSED] Zestó is looking for an investor!

About us:

Hi there! We are an upcoming, hotel aspiring to supply the best entertainment to the community of ROBLOX.

Extra Information

Zestó is an upcoming, revolutionary Hotel here on ROBLOX filled with features that have never been seen before, supplying two job genres to the community, or even an action-packed game for new players to explore around the game.

What makes this hotel unique?

We will be featuring many other systems and features that have not been introduced into a hotel or resort before, and we can say that proudly as we have confirmed it. We will have multiple action-packed jobs for everyone, and most importantly, a fun game for all.
Development Examples

Hotle screenshots are being added soon…
The development is about 65% finished.


Game Development

Our Hotel is being built by @FM_Developer, a successful builder here on Roblox who creates amazing Builds. Our Hotel is being programmed by one of the Founders, ScrxedDev who will be packing the game with features that’ll keep players playing, as well as adding more features weekly after we launch.
  • We are looking for a wealthy investor who is interested in investing into an upcoming Hotel here on ROBLOX
  • We do not have a limit, although somewhere between 50K Robux to 1 million would be most preferred due to the amount of effort that has been put into our game.

Hotel links:
Our group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5105144/Zest#!/about
Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/NJSSmP4

Contact us:
Discord: ScrxedDev#5848
DevForum: @ScrxedDev


I think an investor would like to see progress on the game, what they get in return, and how you know this group will be successful.


Thank you for the feedback, I completely forgot to add these things. I will be adding them very soon, for more information people can contact me via Discord.

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Position taken by @UnderMyWheel, thank you for your interest!

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