[CLOSED][100k-250k] Looking to buy a Town/City map


I haven’t currently got any town/city maps for sale at the moment.

In the past I have various experience building realistic united kingdom maps, I have made large scaled maps which are semi detailed, I can build large maps which are low detailed or high detailed. If you are interested I can make an map from scratch, and complete it in the time frame in under one month, please do note I would hire 1-2 extra developers and we would spilt the pay sum. These guys would be trusted and have huge experience in building maps.

Please do note, this work is old and doesn’t fully represent my capabilities:

https://twitter.com/TAZUK_ROBLOX/status/1015190060189220864 (Pictures while building an map)

https://twitter.com/XentlyRBLX/status/943942207832195073 ( Picture of an old map)

https://twitter.com/TAZUK_ROBLOX/status/972861896792657920 ( Pictures of an city which was never finished )

https://twitter.com/TAZUK_ROBLOX/status/1053385406341935104 ( An airport, which was never finished, but is london standsted airport. )

https://twitter.com/TAZUK_ROBLOX/status/1068844561265504256 ( Map made in early 2017, twitter post was later advertising an buisness)

Please do note, this work is very old, if your interested please contact me and I can supply pictures of my newer builds. Thank you

Examples on how big the maps are :

If are interested, I’m happy to show more work, just ask.


Really nice map, I would recommend YC0!


I might be interested. Where should I contact you?

The best way of contact would be through discord : Tazuk#1536

Thank you.

It’s not quite complete
This is the style i can do, The roads is made small because I like it that way, and the town it self is getting extended a lot more than it is now.


I’m interested in this!
I’m welcome to try out new styles as I have dabbled with this kind of building before.
Also, do you mean Smooth Terrain or using parts to make different landforms? Some specification on this would be appreciated and help out many others trying to apply for the position.

Sent a request:

I’m interested in the job, but I’m not sure if it’s still open, as there are alot of people applying for it.

Also, are we able to use meshed terrain/triangle low-poly style terrain?
Or just smooth terrain.

Smooth terrain is what were going for. I should make this clear in the post

Hi there! I was wondering how many bricks that map have?
In my experience i have learned that union is bad for building and that how less bricks you have, the faster will the server run.

Its a lovely map tho. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the nice words,

I’m used to making detailed maps for policing roleplay groups, which are communities for fun and don’t have alot of people playing.

The maps would range from around 10,000 parts to around 40,000 parts. I can build in a low poly or an simple style which I’m trying to get work in at the moment.

With unions, I have awalys been advised not to use them unless creating an shape which requires them, I don’t union parts together to get less parts as it would cause bigger problems later on when trying to work further.

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Sent you a discord friend request, falcon#1844.

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Still looking! The map doesn’t have to be pre-built, but if you think you can create something that follows my requirements, please message me!

Send you a friend request on discord, I think we can work something out.

I have a build that I’ve been wanting to get of my hands for a while. The map itself is very large, and the buildings are hollow so you can build interiors. Some things are incomplete, but you’re free to modify it however you want when I sell it. It does have a little bit of terrain which is only blocks, but it wouldn’t be hard to change into smooth terrain.

Please contact me at NewClarion#4349. I sent you an FR. I would recommend it at a 100k Robux price point or lower if you see it necessary. I also wouldn’t mind Paypal.


The map is very impressive!
Unfortunately, it is not the style I am looking for. Thanks anyways

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You really should specify what style you’re looking for. Otherwise, people will continue to reply with map examples that do not meet your criteria, which you never bothered to provide.

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I am open to different styles, but the one above just wasn’t what I am looking for. I have already stated a few requirements for the map in my original post.

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Really nice map! Are you for hire for other jobs?

sent request Official_MightyPlayz#4195