[CLOSED]Icon Maker required to replicate a style

About The Job

Looking for someone to replicate this style and make 2-3 more game pass icons.
I am completely uninterested if you are better / worse. The person I pick will be whoever can get closest.

I want them done within 1-2 days.


1000 Robux per icon

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum.

Thanks for reading :wink:

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I think I can do these. Can you send the game link so I can get a better view of the icons?

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What do you mean by this? Will the person have to submit an example of creating this style?

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Hi, I want to apply. Discord: Turtle#0362

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Here’s my portfolio, I am extremely flexible with styles!

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Ideally yes, or the person with an example closest to what I desire.

Contact me :stuck_out_tongue: Turtle#0362


Sorry, but on most my recruitment posts I like a protfolio / examples here before I move through to discord to make management of applications easier.

Alright, Heres it: (TurtleDeveloping) Commisions Open! Builder/3D Modeller/Terrain Designer/UI Designer And Much More!

Sorry, I do not feel examples shown match the styles closely enough.

Found who I wanted, thx for the applications.

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