Clothing Designer xKorl 2021-2022 Portfolio (0/3)

Hi! I’m xKorl and I’ve been a clothing designer for a pretty long time now. This is my updated portfolio if you’ve seen my old one. I do like to help people for free and for fun (However, DO NOT BEG ME- PLEASE! I want to help you, but I do have a life too.) Anyway, clothing may be finished within a day or up to 5 days. You can only order 5 pieces at a time. IF you need 5+ pieces make sure to tell me that, so I don’t allow space for more commissions. On an unrelated note, I have a serious obsession with frogs, so if you want any cute frog pictures just ask, and if you have any to offer- that’s even better!!

You can message me anytime!
Discord: soup#6680

– My preferred payment type is USD through paypal or cashapp
Shirts: 60-100 robux each
Pants: 75-105 robux each
Matching/sets/outfits: 190-310
USD prices: 1 shirt is 50 cents, 1 pants is 75 cents.



Right now, I can get the job done for free! I have a lot of time to kill.
thanks for being here (●’◡’●)

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vouch - user extremely friendly and talented!! :+1:

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Very good clothes. Would 100% recommend.

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Sent you a friend request on discord!

Well, when I clicked the post it definitly got my attention but not in the way I was hoping for.

I’d just like to comment on something that could improve your portfolio. Your template that you use to display your designs gives me a hard time to really grasp my attention.

While yea, the information is there, it’s really cluttered and organized a bit iffy.

And my post isn’t meant as an attack whatsoever, but just something that could help your design be better in the future and bring more attention to your posts.

To give you an example I did a quick little edit on your template to give it a better “attention” span.

You can use it or don’t have to, be my guest

The designs looks great however and I do wish you luck on the future ones.

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The point was to emphasize that my style is kidcore and stuff that screams organized mess- thank you for putting in this effort to help me though :-)) this portfolio was very much rushed LOL I was honestly just trying to have something to do.

She is very talented and friendly! Clothes looks amazing! I’d 100% recommend

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Can you make clothing for my group Classics Remake?

Sure, message me :-)) shahd#1842 or if you wanna talk to me here through messages, go ahead.

Can you make merch for my group Classics Remake, like a hoddie that says Classics Remake, a shirt that says bringing back the classics at Classics Remake, and a suit like shirt that says Classics Remake on the back?

I would appreciate if you message me through the devforum messaging system or through discord, and yes I can absolutely do that.

Okay, I will copy it into a message in devforum.

Can vouch, Friendly and patient :smiley:

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