Clustertruck Truck Movement Help

You know how in the game clustertruck, i want to know how to make a truck movement system like it, for example, the trucks keep moving, and after a while they merge into each other. We also want to use bodyvelocity for the system. If you know how to, it would be appreciated if you could help me. Thanks!

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He puts it more eloquently than I can, so, refer to what crazyman32 said about BodyVelocity forces.

As well as the dev hub article about it here:

Just apply one of these forces into the truck model and it’ll carry the truck along at the desired speed you set into it.


One thing that everyone should know though is you don’t have to use bodyvelocities for movement :wink:. Bodythrusts are much easier, and don’t require as much work (For example if you want the vehicle to accelerate but don’t want to make a script which will constantly increase the velocity, use bodythrusts / bodyforces instead!).

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