Code Formatting in Scripting Support

This suggestion is based off of the following topic.

Quite often in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, I see users including code samples in their topic. However, many of this topic creators do not include their code using the code feature. Instead, they just paste it or link an image which decreases the easy readability.

My suggestion is to add an extra two sentences to the linked topic that reads:

If you have code samples to include, it is requested that you format them with our built-in code feature. You can do this by typing 3 backticks (`) on the line above your code, like so:

local var = “Hello World!”

Thanks for reading!

Edit: Just realized that this could also apply to Code Review.


I think this is a good idea, and should be implemented a way or another. What I do is whenever I see someone not using code formatting I link them this that I made for personal use


I actually did a similar topic which is here. But mine is more oriented towards images.

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We’ve updated the guidelines for Scripting Support to address this, thanks!


Could we get some kind of code box to make users feel more “forced” to post their code? And maybe a restriction on images (for new members)?

People are still not formatting their code, or some are still posting screenshots of code. They probably aren’t reading the guidelines.

I had an idea of something like this.

They would post their code in an the bottom half box and it would automatically be formatted for them.

That was all under a minute. There has to be a better way.

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As far as I’m aware this is not a feature that Discourse (the forum software that the DevfForum runs on) has. This means that anything like this suggestion requires a plugin to be created/installed on the DevForum. You could file it as a suggestion on the Discourse meta.
I personally don’t see this happening because this is a very niche use case and doesn’t warrant doing all of the work involved, not to mention that it isn’t the best user experience to restrict images etc.

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There is already restrictions on new members like they need post approval to get posts in platform feedback, discussion, they need full member to get lounge etc. So this would just be another restriction.