Code Outline - View your code's variables at a glance

Incredible work man, you’re doing crazy things on this platform! :rofl:


Bugfix Update:

Shoutout to @csqrl for finding and reporting issues.

When I added Anchors, I inadvertently introduced two edge cases because anchor behavior is rather different from variable behavior. Having = in an anchor would swallow your subsequent variable, and having : would break that anchor’s formatting.
These issues have been resolved in this patch, along with some minor changes to make it more robust against these types of issues in the future.


Hey, you maybe should consider moving this topic to #resources:community-resources so people can find it easier. Cool creations is mostly meant as a showcase subforum, and not so much as a “this is a tool for you” subforum haha.

Nope, that’s against the rules of the resources category.

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Oh interesting I somehow never heard of that rule before. Guess this is correct :man_shrugging:

This plugin does not support typed lua.

Correct. That’s a totally different language syntax and I have not written a lexer that supports it.

Fair enough, I assume support for Typed lua planned?

Eventually. Typed Lua isn’t really used yet anyway because its still a messy WIP, so there’s no need for me to support it when it’s still changing and evolving.

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Yeah, thank you for the quick response (Like 4 minutes, do you live on devforum or something?)

I’m in calc class and a bit bored, so yes. You caught me at the right time, that’s all.

When using this code:

function SomeFunction(...)
	return {...}

The plugin seems to not like the 6 dots:


My plugin is completely up-to-date.

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Ah, good find. My parser seems to mess up with variadic functions. I’ll fix this when I have time.
Thanks for reporting!

Edit: Fixed! Update your plugins to receive this patch!

The issue essentially stemmed from the fact that the whole (...) is grouped as one operator token for optimization, so it required a little bit of smarter parsing.

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I am getting this right now, as someone who works in visual studio code most of the time it is very nice to have something like this in studio
EDIT: nvm I am to broke


@acreol noticed that if you attempt to filter the outline with an invalid string pattern, it would log that malformed pattern error in your output.
This update fixes that. If you input an invalid pattern, it will instead search for a plaintext match, ignoring magic character rules.

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How did you get the different icons for the explorer?


Thanks! I love the way it looks!

Feature Request:

Have the function that your cursor is curretly in Highlighted. Additionally possibly highlight variables that are local to that function as well if possible.

Small Bug Report:

local test = {}
test['Hello World'] = {}
test['Hello World'].Value = 'Hi'

results in just

It would be nice if it could read the bracketed key

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Roblox doesn’t let plugins see the cursor position. We’ve been asking for it for years already so don’t hold your breath on that one.

Thanks, I’ll take care of that when I have a chance.

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