Collision Box Lost Upon Copy and Paste

Upon copying and pasting parts from one Roblox game into another, the collision box is lost on some MeshParts and Unions.

Repo File
NoCollisionBoxRepro.rbxl (53.3 KB)

  1. Open this file in Studio. Note that all the Cactus MeshParts are selectable in studio, and have Can Collide set.

  2. Select the Ground part, and select the Cactus folder, and copy.

  3. Open a new Baseplate project in Studio. Select the Workplace, and Paste into. Now note that in Studio you cannot select any of the Cactus MeshParts (except for one). Also note that when you hit Play, that you can walk right through the MeshParts, even though Can Collide is set.

So, it seems like the collision box is lost upon copying and pasting.

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Confirmed, I think I found what causes this. Going to have it disabled


Should be disabled now. Please let me know if the problem is resolved.

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Looks like that fixed it! Thank you so much!

I am curious as to what was the cause of the bug?

We released code that unifies what R15 Collision Geometry looked like. This required a change in how serialized CollisionGeometry is applied to CSGs/MeshParts when parts are loaded in.

Apparently this was a side-effect that was not caught in testing.


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