Collision Issues

I am currently making a RTS Game. I want a automatic resizer for my normal sized characters.

for _,z in ipairs(game.ReplicatedStorage.Towers:GetChildren()) do

This code works however, im running into a issue. When ever the hip height is calculated, the character falls into the ground and begins to drift around. Setting the hip height to 0 makes the character be elevated. How can i make it so that it will resize without collision issues.

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If i understand correctly, you may need to disable characters collision temporary so it would prevent you from bugging like this. So while resizing character, you should disable collision for your character and after it’s finished - enable the collision.


This could work:

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Try changing the Scale property with: :ScaleTo(x)

Scale = 1 (Normal)
Scale = 0.4 (Smaller)


Issue must of been with the third party module i been using. Thank you for enlightening me about new engine features.

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