Compatibility replacing Legacy on 17th of June 2019

This is looking awesome! I love it!

Why is it always “the younger players won’t notice” or “younger players won’t use it.”

It’s a really shallow argument in my opinion.

Roblox is trying to appeal to older audiences, and those audiences will notice the ugliness of the new lighting.

Plus, a lot of kids are into Fortnite, so if something isn’t as colorful as Fortnite, they’d probably lose interest.


It’s really not ugly. It’s not really different all that much as is.

This is more a question of game aesthetic than lighting engine micro tweaks. You can easily do this with any of the lighting engines.

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Do you not see the night and day difference between Voxel & Legacy?

Voxel genuinely looks worse and makes everything washed out, losing most of the color.


I’m not understanding what you mean, it will be noticed as better graphics among all ages. This is down to the customisation of the developers to make it as the audience want it.


I don’t, honestly. I’ll see it in side to side comparisons but it’s really not a monumental difference. It’s maybe a fraction more/less saturated, but only a minute fraction that’s not really notable.


It’s not as simple as “inserting their own local scripts”

That means they need to

  1. Write their own Roblox lua compiler
  2. Find all of the code built into Roblox to do this
  3. Know how to put together all of this to inject their newly created Roblox lua code
  4. Constantly update all of this every time anything is changed

There is a reason that loadstring isn’t built into the client and that is that if it was it would be as simple as calling the function from C.

Whilst this doesn’t really affect me as I already converted my game, it’s great to have a date.

I will miss legacy, though. It looked very colorful and vibrant to me.


Is it not sufficient to just use a ColorCorrectionEffect?


I have used ColorCorrectionEffects to fix the problems I have with Voxel, but it can’t solve all issues.

For instance, Compatibility’s tendency to cause materials to fade out to being purely white, or Voxel’s inability to have a decent Specular highlight on any surface, causing all surfaces to appear dull.


Afaik, Legacy does not support specular highlights of any kind which is one of the benefits of the new lighting engine.

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How exactly is it a benefit?

It looks absolutely disgusting in 99% of cases. ShadowMap seems to have solved this issue, but SpecularHighlights are still nasty looking on plastic materials.

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Well specular highlights have not released for the new lighting engine afaik, so I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about as far as those go. Specular highlights from the sun will come in phase 2.5 and local lights in phase 3.

Most people would generally agree that Voxel looks far better and realistic than Legacy in nearly every instance. It is more performant and produces a more realistic result. I’ve yet to see a scene that looks better in Legacy than it does in Voxel or ShadowMap.

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We are actively working on fixing the specular. We are aware of the problem. It is know as phase 2.5.


:roll_eyes: do you really think all kids are THAT dumb


In all honesty, I see no huge practical issues with Compatibility lighting at this point. People seem to be looking very strongly at the negatives and not at the positives (like that supposed 5% speedup that will come from the change).


Are you using textures on those rocks? The specular highlight depends on what the material of the part/mesh/union operation is. Try switching out the material for a different one, like Concrete, something like that.


Sacrificing quality for a 5% speedup isn’t a good idea, especially with a core part of Roblox ( the lighting )

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This is entirely true. Just felt like bringing a more positive outlook onto the situation; the popular opinion still seems against compatibility although I have no personal preference between the two. Honestly, with shadowcast, I don’t think I’ll ever use either.

There’s a couple misconceptions I’d like to address in this thread; these updates don’t have much to do with catering to a specific audience, and while they are a bit more aggressive wrt timing compared to our usual practice, there’s a reason for that. Stay tuned for a long reply to follow… (in an hour or so)