Computer stats and FPS show up in top left of player gui

This happened to me today on my windows 10 computer running the latest version of Roblox Studio and I just left studio open without touching it for probably 2 hours maximum while I was working in a separate studio window (not the same place) (this place isn’t team create btw) and it was all working just fine. Also I experience immense lag (4 fps!!) when in workspace but when I’m in a script editor it works fine. This is the first time its happened and I will edit this post if it happens more times

Edit Well this thing seems to pop up when I press shift+O in both roblox client and studio

Your title suggests that the bug is that these stats are showing (the labels are visible), but I don’t think that’s actually the bug you’re reporting. You might want to change the title.

Please be descriptive and concise in bug reports and see the Steps to Report a Bug here, try to cover each step:

I’m experiencing similar issues to this:

“Also I experience immense lag (4 fps!!) when in workspace but when I’m in a script editor it works fine.”

In the script editor, it runs smooth as butter but in the workspace it’s the complete opposite.
Even with an empty baseplate it is impossible to navigate around the work space. I’m running my desktop with GTX 970 SSC and it stumps me on why I was receiving only 8 - 10 FPS when I rarely dip under 55 FPS even under intensive graphical load.

The biggest thing that I see in the statistics (due to my inexperience with statistics in studio) would be the Rendering, (Image below visually shows how much it stands out.)

I also noticed that my GPU isn’t even being used to it’s full extent. It goes as low as 135 MHz for the GPU clock and 324 MHz for the Memory Clock which is EXTREMELY LOW compared to 1132 MHz GPU clock and 4001 MHz Memory Clock I usually have.

I’ve already looked to see if it was due to my DPI Scaling Settings, since I’m on a 4K TV and that wasn’t the cause of this and really I am stumped on what the root problem of this is. It hinders my ability to actually use the studio.