Confusion on 4 - Directional Movement

Hey robloxians am having trouble making 4 directional movement similar to this

I did try used IK but it didn’t work in my favor.
All help appreciated!


So this?

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What they seem to be doing is just changing weights to simulate the strafing.

Already has the answer for that, so check that out.

Here it is for R6: Directional Movement + Strafing / Tilting - Roblox


you mean smth similar to this?

well it’s known as one of popular system mostly Roblox Developers need but none of them were actually good cuz:

  1. Inverse Kinematics are buggy
  2. produceral doesn’t work on crouch, run and mostly systems
    if u are finding this as “Cframe” that also works NOT locally then u can download these models (1 lean 1 Cframe Movement 1 Massless Movement) and test it in ur game:
    Lean = allow your torso to lean right and left
    Lean Torso Movement.rbxm (1.7 KB)
    D Lerp Movement = allow your torso, legs, arms to lerp orientation using Cframe
    DLerpMovement.rbxm (3.1 KB)
    Massless Movement = allow your character to become complete massless (except head)
    massless character.rbxm (790 Bytes)

goodluck learning from these, all 3 in StarterCharacterScripts (especially DLerp and Massless)


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