Cookie logging explained

I’ve been under the understanding that if I go to a suspicious link I am to log out of other sessions, log out and log back in, clear my browser cache, clear browser cookies, and clear browser history. After reviewing this post I am beginning to think this is a bit overkill. I’ve just been brought to a site offering “character skins” because Youtube decides that by clicking report ad, it also means I want to go to the website being advertised… Thanks Youtube! So really all that is needed is logging in and out and logging out of all other sessions, correct? I don’t want to sound misinformed, I am just quite paranoid about internet theft, and uninformed on the details of what can and can’t be sourced from browser data. Would you say my extra steps are unneeded?

Initially logging out of your current session is more than enough and pressing the log out of all other sessions is an extra step that you could take if you feel uncertain, Clearing browser history isn’t needed since that has no effect whatsoever.

Its still good practice to clear your cookies and browser cache every so often to ensure privacy matters (tracking cookies and what not) or to clear out cluttered data in case your browser starts to turn a bit slow.

In the long run there are some steps you really don’t need to do for this specific matter but in terms of overall performance and safety they aren’t unneeded with exception to the browser history one maybe, that’s a small cache with a link and name nothing more as far as my knowledge goes.

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Sorry when I’m late, so.when I tried cookie logging in Roblox, I’m very confused in what people says it automatically logs you in, well… It’s a different situation, when I try cookie logging in another of my account, and after I refreshed my Roblox page, wanna know what happens? It just logs me out in my Roblox account, I don’t know why.

Yup I got cookie hacked recently I was kinda mad Tbh he gave me a file and I installed it even after it said it was a virus file and then the guy told me to play Roblox and then the file just injected viruses into the game.
There’s a thing u gotta do if someone cookie hacks you from a file they receive all information you do so if you got hacked don’t try to go to websites that leak your bank details and stuff cuz they have access to all you do basically each and every info on your chrome browser is gone to them through a discord webhook.
And this Post really helped me a lot.

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If you were a victim of one of these hacks, since it is your own fault and you did technically willingly share your account password, is there any use in reporting it? Has anyone ever had their stuff given back to them after having this happen?

Roblox still would help you with your account no matter what. They probably get dozens of reports a day of kids falling for scams in which they ask for their password and they would still help them.

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Thank you for posting this so other people could have this info

Just dont click on random links and download randomstuff that right there should keep you from getting your cookie stolen

If we’ve fallen for one of these, what more can one do to protect themselves from any potential hack?

I just caught myself after accidentally having sent a cookie ID, luckily fast enough to find this thread and take as many actions as I can. I’ve changed my password, added a parent PIN to my account, logged out of all sessions, logged out of my main session, and relogged back in.
Besides these, are there any other ways I can go about to make sure I don’t get hacked?

Mainly to be wary of potential attackers trying to get into your account.
You’ve already taken the needed measurements to prevent any (further) damage so you should be fine for now.

Note that Roblox is currently working on an A/B test to invalidate a cookie if the IP no longer matches with the linked cookie (as far as I’ve heard from people at least, so take this with a grain of salt). I don’t know if this is fully released yet though more safety around accounts seem to be coming our way soon or later.


i have a question, i am making a Roblox game where i am asking player a free random cookie.

i gave them a warning about sending their cookie.
and the question i have, will i get banned from Roblox if i release this game, i am just giving them a warning so i shouldn’t be warning. i am not a scammer and i am not trying to scam.