"Cool Creations" Category

So, every time I build something I decide to showcase it, as many developers on the platform do. I normally display my builds and works on Twitter. Annoyingly here, there seems to be a category called “Cool Creations” that only Lead Top Contributors can access and post on. It’s frustrating how long it is for developers to show off their creations here since you have to send in your post to Lead Top Contributors for it to get approved and during that waiting time I could have finished another model to showcase, which would go through the same long process and so on. What if these approval procedures where lifted? What if we could post just like in this Category? It would make my life and I’m sure many others easier too!

All members have access to it. Only new members have to go through post approval.

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I seem to be stuck on “New Member” even though I’m not. I’ve been here for over a month, but the ranks are confusing me. How exactly do you “level up” to Member?

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Please also note that we prefer that you use the “What are you working on?” thread for small creations or when you don’t have a lot of other stuff to put in your thread/post. Only use (/request approval for) Cool Creations when you have a significant request for feedback or when there’s so much stuff in your thread (a lot of images/videos/etc) that it warrants its own thread.