Couple questions about free model guns. And question about R6/R15 humanoids

So first of all. Is there a setting to enable if a place only supports R15 or R6 or both ingame? Because even though I have an R15 avatar, it defaults to R6 in game. Not sure where the settings for that is?

And #2) Does anyone have good recommendations for quality guns to be used in a game? Also that support both R15 and R6? Or either one. I just find a bunch of free model guns that don’t work at all with lots of errors.

1: Yes there is a setting allowing both R15 and R6 in-game. If you are in Roblox Studio, press the Home tab and click on Game Settings. Now go to Avatar, and you should see that under Avatar Types there are options to choose from.

2: If you are searching for quality guns then don’t even open up the Toolbox because there is a very high chance of all the gun models having lots of bugs and errors. You could use FastCast which is designed to emulate bullet physics and hit detection.

Thanks, I’m not looking to make my own guns though. I don’t have the skills to make those quality guns you see in games like Phantom Forces and what not. Was hoping to find a source for some quality guns that actually work. I don’t have the time to master the art of creating guns I already have so much work to do with the game itself.

There is a YouTube video that shows you how to make a good quality gun system with viewmodels if that helps. Also, Fastcast isn’t that hard to understand. You’ve just got to implement it into your game: