Create a community-driven post approval system to moderate topics

Your examples are nothing compared to what I saw last night.

I even made a topic about cleaning up the #resources category about a month ago, and it’s really disappointing that people still make these kind of topics. The selection box topic is still up as of now.


ehhhh, i just felt that other people couldn’t found out where the button is…

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Community Tutorials are supposed to be much more advanced than learning how to click a button on Studio. When you make a tutorial, it should be something like:

Many beginner developers often look for useful tutorials in this category, and many people already know how to do extremely basic things such as disabling the selection box.

The next time you create a community tutorial, you should focus on something useful like an OOP tutorial or an animation tutorial that most developers could really benefit from. Your tutorial will also be more noticed and it will be bumped towards the top of the category.

I think the most that should happen is a batch of TL2 users being promoted to TL3, some categories that are a little less active but significant enough to warrant their existence (e.g international categories), yet there isn’t much moderation going on, likely because of language barrier. In the spanish category you literally have people posting help requests in the community resources category there, but if there were TL3 users there it would be as simple as them changing the category, and because of the lax nature of the international categories in general flagging can seem like too much.


Hey folks, appreciate the passion for this topic here and the detailed explanations. We recognize the underlying issues and we’re looking into solving those in some different ways. Rest assured I’ve consumed all the content here and whatever we are building out will take the issues mentioned here into consideration.

We’re looking into improving our creator feedback workflows so that everyone without restriction can post feedback about issues with our products in the future and still be able to receive meaningful feedback from our staff.

For now, I’ll be closing out this topic since we won’t be implementing the particular proposed solution mentioned in this topic. I encourage you to use our feature request template in the future to focus your post around issues rather than solutions: How to post a Feature Request

Many thanks for all the discussion here and thinking along as we figure this out!