Create and Manage Subscriptions within your Experience

Do not gate subscription benefits by additional requirements once a user has paid: Requiring a user to perform additional tasks to get access to benefits they have paid for is prohibited.

Just looking for clarification, is advertising further benefits for keeping your subscription active for 3+ months prohibited?


Really anticipated this feature but seeing it limited to hard currency (USD) is a major concern to me.

Our players often acquire Robux through other means (like earning in games, premium stipends and most importantly: giftcards). While the mindset behind directly billing from the card is good, it should have a Robux alternative.

Subscriptions may stop abruptly, sure, but it’ll make this feature so much more accessible.

and also: refunds should either be impossible or reported through an API. This is becoming very abusable otherwise.


Can you add subscriptions for UGC creators? Maybe they can subscribe to us and we can give them X number of free items we have made of their choice? :slight_smile: Or a blanket discount to subscribers? Or something of that sort?

It would let us UGC creators offer a pretty good deal to people who like our things. Letting them get items for a lot cheaper than they would normally, and building a subscriber base to count on.

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ohhh boy these ppl gonna be weird with this now


Welp, I don’t really see myself using it because it uses real world currency.

Please have an option to use robux because a 10 year old child’s mom will be skeptical if they hear “hey, I need $3 every month for adopt me!”

What about private servers? Doesn’t that have a subscription model for robux? Why not reuse that code to make this feature with robux?


Cool and all. But I think it may be quite inconvenient to many that use robux or have no access to a card.
Why not just make the price in robux? Security & scam reasons perhaps?


Or an option to pick what you get payed.

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I completely and entirely disagree with this feature. While being paid out in Robux makes sense based on how Roblox works, I don’t think this will work for creators at all because of how the subscriptions will be paid for. Also if these subscriptions give less Robux than using a developer product system, I don’t think many creators will want to implement this because it just doesn’t seem to be worth it to implement.

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This is amazing! AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! You can already see how bad of an issue it is for kids to spend Robux on the overpriced ridiculous items, imagine a subscription without being verified 17+ to purchase it lol

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If I could bet a mill on at least 5 games that are already popular, they will become precisely like EA (arsenal requiring a subscription to reload guns as an example)

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For anyone that wants a full table that portrays the differences of if this was in Robux vs the system outlined by Roblox

USD → Robux Conversion (70%) → DevEx Conversion

USD Player Pays Robux Developer Gets DevEx Conversion
$2.99 R$209 $0.73
$4.99 R$349 $1.22
$7.99 R$559 $1.96
$9.99 R$699 $2.45
$14.99 R$1,049 $3.67

USD → Robux Conversion for Desktop after 3 months (85%) → DevEx Conversion

USD Player Pays Robux Developer Gets DevEx Conversion
$2.99 R$254 $0.89
$4.99 R$424 $1.48
$7.99 R$679 $2.38
$9.99 R$849 $2.97
$14.99 R$1,274 $4.46

Robux Purchase Equivallent → Robux Developer Gets (70%) → DevEx Conversion

Robux Player Pays Robux Developer Gets DevEx Conversion
R$240 R$168 $0.59
R$400 R$280 $0.98
R$640 R$448 $1.57
R$800 R$560 $1.96
R$1,200 R$840 $2.94

Thanks for this table, I had looked up one or two of the values myself individually and I have to say seeing it in numbers is actually painful. I personally am really upset this is charged in USD not R$, as we already have a subscription service that is charged in R$ (VIP Servers) and I would want end users to be able to pay for a subscription to my game with R$.

It’s odd that we get the reason:

To support this automatic renewal feature, subscribers will pay in real world currency.

Yet VIP servers already do reoccouring billing for R$. If I’m getting such a tiny slice of my sale I would rather it be in a way that is more accessible to users (such as users who make a game to earn R$). It just feels like a lie at this point.

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It would be great to offer more customisation to the subscriptions such as free trials or discounts. For example, first 30 days are free, or first 3 months are 50% off. This is quite common practice outside of Roblox for obvious reasons, to make the product appear more attractive and to get more people to subscribe.

I do understand that maybe having a 30-day free trial could get abused, but I think it can be well managed with the appropriate messaging when subscribing.

I’m sure Roblox have already thought about such features already, but just wanted to share my thoughts as I think these would be amazing additions to add to subscriptions in the future.

You already have automatic monthly robux payments for private servers, why not allow this for subscriptions instead?

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I assume it’s because it’s a subscription within the experience, so if a user subscribes and chooses to automatically renew it, and he gets banned from roblox for some time or you ban him yourself from your experience for breaking roblox TOS within your experience or exploiting, how is he gonna unsubscribe?
They will probably roll it out at some point so that users can cancel subscriptions they have in experiences outside of them but at the moment the basic functionality will probably be thoroughly tested before even thinking about more complex stuff.

I expected robux subscriptions…


not being able to set the price to robux is honestly such a letdown, it seems really odd to launch with hard currency being the only option when most users keep their “buying power” in robux

Thanks for reminding everyone that Roblox are double dipping here.
The approx 18-24% cut they usually give devs accounts for the fees apple and google take platform wide allegedly per their own charts in roblox documentation.
And yet they are providing dev’s the same cut, despite increasing the cost to users who subscribe on apple or google etc.

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The same way VIP servers work… The same way getting banned on any platform with a subscription works.

Getting banned terminates all subscriptions tied to the account. This is already how it works for VIP servers.

I reckon it’d be much better if you purchased in Robux like Dev Products, and if the user doesn’t have enough prompt them to purchase more :smiley: