Create Experiences for People 17 and Older on Roblox

Nope, it’s prohibited by the Community Standards: “Except where prohibited by local law or regulation, we allow unplayable gambling content (e.g., showing a casino or non-playable characters playing cards) as well as games of luck and chance that are not casino or gambling based. However, experiences that include simulated gambling, including playing with virtual chips, simulated betting, or exchanging real money, Robux, or in-experience items of value are not allowed.”

Although not explicitly mentioned, I believe blackjack would fall under games of chance or luck. Additionally, the wording of “not casino or gambling based” rules out stuff such as Texas Hold 'Em or similar. Carnival games such as Plinko are in a gray area here however, but I wouldn’t try it.

Probably yes. Depictions of alcohol are allowed in 17+ experiences, and the above quote from the Community Standards only appears to target virtual chips, Robux, or something of the like. However, like anything on Roblox, you can be moderated for it.

Uh…depends on how you go about it. There is an alcohol-less version of beer pong where you just don’t fill the cups. Although the name “beer pong” would still go under 17+ experience guidelines if the text on the Experience Questionnaire is to be believed, so if you’re gonna put it in, just include the alcohol bit.

Adding onto this: Beer pong isn’t gambling, there is some skill involved in it. It’s not a game of luck or chance. Although it can become “gambling” if someone bets limited items on it, but that’s the fault of the players, not of the developer (so you should be fine, I think.)


this goes a bit beyond just 17+, but could there ever be plans to integrate a way to dynamically introduce age-restricted content into a game (in a similar fashion to PolicyService)? i could imagine a good few applications of such a system to allow certain age-specific mechanics without forcefully jacking up an entire game’s rating and losing out on potential engagement (a shooter game where people are depicted bleeding if the user is 13+, soft drinks that can be shown as hard and act as such if the user is 17+. etc)


17+ experiences are now available to eligible users on all platforms including iOS. Those who are 17 and older and completed Age Verification are able to enjoy these experiences.

At this moment, 17+ experiences remain unavailable in Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

Thank you.


So I wasn’t going crazy about me being able to use my phone for 17+ games!

I appreciate you guys getting it unlocked for iOS!

Thanks for the availability update. I personally don’t use iOS devices but I still consider this an absolute win.

On a related note, I do have a question. With Spatial Voice now also being available to those who have verified their phone number, are there plans for Roblox to add a function to Player objects to return true or false if the player has completed age verification?

You can check is someone is ID/phone verified with player:IsVerified()

I am specifically talking about ID-verification. Phone verification does not permit access to 17+ experiences at this time.

I hope it stays this way.


We’d like to remind everyone that simulated gambling is disallowed on our platform. Learn more about this update and ensure that your experiences comply with our Community Standards.