Creating a camera movement system, that’s mobile compatible

Trying to implement a camera movement system, that is compatible for mobile devices.

On pc if you press D if adds a vector to the camera’s cframe to move right.

Same can’t be said for mobile, I would have to detect it some other way, because I want you to swipe right and the camera moves left and vise versa.

Other functions I’ve tried to implement:
*Swiping Left / Right to move in the opposite direction
*Pinch to zoom in / out
*Holding one finger down and moving the screen with the other, to rotate

For a better visualization given your perspective, is to think of Bloxburg’s Mobile build mode for anyone who has played bloxburg on mobile of course.

Don’t forget to follow these three steps! Right now it’s not clear what you’re asking, what you’ve tried, and what didn’t work for you.


I have implemented this into my system a few days ago. I have made an older post asking people how to make this system mobile compatible. You can use TouchSwipe TouchPan to do that. The solution that I have found is far more complex than this. I can’t give it to you right now because it still has some bugs. I hope this helps.

I know about TouchSwipe etc but it’s hard to test it on the emulator lol

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I already made one but I cannot give it for now sorry