Creating a curved couch

Hey everyone! (my first post haha)

I’ve been struggling to create a circular, curved couch, similar to the one here. I have been using the Ropeater plugin to create meshes that are similar, but are not fully curved; they have some edges on the sides.

I’ve tried multiple solutions but can’t seem to find the right one. Does anyone have any ideas to help me create the “perfect curve”? (I can supply pictures if needed.)


You simply can’t make the “perfect curve” in Roblox. But there is a software can help you make the “almost-perfect curve” named Blender. I have no experience of this, but maybe someone can help you tho.

I have a little experience in Blender, so I’ll take a look.

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This is incorrect.

Using the sphere & cylinder method with SBS’ pivot rotation, you can create seamless cylinder curvature, from which the rest of the couch can be created.

@iy_uhn Refer to my walk-through posted here: