Creating a custom tooltip without a custom inventory


For my new project, I want to achieve a tooltip that looks similar to this:

The player would need to hover over the tool in their hotbar, and it would show a GUI right over that area that contains info on the tool like the above. I know Roblox already provides the ToolTip property on tools, but I want it to look a lot more rich.

So far I can’t really find much on this, and due to the nature of the game, I think the default hotbar works best so I don’t want to make a custom one.

Does anyone know how I can achieve something like this?

Thanks in advanced!

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You can try using Interactive Surface GUI. You can browse through the article to help you.

Oh, I should’ve clarified. I meant I want a similar effect except when the player hovers over a tool

In here, and a GUI will come out. Thanks!

If you want to use the roblox default hotbar, you may want to go into the corescripts. Maybe browse through the CoreGui to help you.

After skimming through it, I don’t think it can be possible to do this accurately.

Although, if you really want you could make a fake Hotbar under the actual Hotbar and make it so if you hover over it would display those things. Otherwise, your best bet is to make a custom Hotbar similar to the default Roblox one.

If you want to access its default UI though, check that forum to help you enable to be able to see core GUI, so you can copy it.

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Alright, I think I’ll use an invisible GUI behind to detect it, thanks!

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