Creating A Discord Bot With Lua


i have a hard time thinking of ideas :frowning:

but thanks anyway, ill check out that deps folder!


@vamik64 Put these on your thread.

Zip File:

Code for an Auto Rebooting Batch file to Launch:

@echo off
echo Rebooting Bot

You can run a bot with the batch file from a single folder which you can then take around with you and move around your computer. You can also replace PATH-TO-FOLDER\luvit.exe "PATH-TO-FOLDER\LUA-FILE.lua" with luvit FILE.lua if the batch file is in that folder.


Wanted to create a self-bot with this, but I guess not, since it says ‘unauthorized’ when I put my token in there.


Self-bots are against Discord’s Terms of Service and some libraries are programmed to reject your token when you try to use it.


Well the same happened to me, and I tried that link. It still doesn’t work though, any way to directly download it?


Yes, thread updated!