Creating a gif system?

Hi, I’m looking at creating a gif functioned HD gui - is there any way to easily do this within ROBLOX?
The only way I can think of is uploading multiple decals and filtering through them at a pace.
I was wondering if there was any way to do this without uploading per say 20 different decals for a single image?

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If you want a gif animation that plays on roblox, you’d have to upload each frame as an image. There’s no simpler way, unfortunately

You can use Spritesheets. There is a property
of ImageLabels called ImageRectOffset and ImageRectSize which let’s you zoom into the image at a certain point and size.


In addition, it is less costly (performance-wise) than switching different frames each time.

Would I still be able to upload a HD image at persay 720p or would it become lower quality?

All images uploaded to Roblox are capped at 1024x1024. As long as you don’t go over those dimensions you will not have stretching or compression issues. This means you could do a 10x10 spritesheet at 100px per Sprite.


Thank you so much!
Is there anything on the Wiki for how to lay this out and work with the values?

Here is an informative thread on the topic. How do I iterate through a spritesheet?


Hi, I’ve read through the threads and notice it says there’s issues with HQ gifs being turned into spritesheets. I am currently unavailable for testing at the moment, but theoretically speaking is it possible to animate something such as:

As stated, maximum image size is 1024x1024. You could try to hack something together that takes multiple spritesheets to make a larger image however I suspect it won’t turn out very nice. Overall, spritesheets are used for basic, sprite elements. They are generally small (100x100 and lower), transparent sprites.

Your GIF is possible, however not at that resolution with a single spritesheet.


Hello, is it me you are looking for?


Well you could have an animation, and have the animation loop in a viewportframe, similar to the shop in Flood Escape 2!

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None of the examples tested have worked efficiently.

Examples are below, please do ignore the sound as I was using a mobile screen recorder.

Examples are from PBB and @dragonfrosting 13th Doctor Tardis

I am almost certain that neither of these are Gifs, they are simply cameras locked to a specific orientation to give it the illusion of a 2D Gif. The exception may be the top image with the silhouette floating in the background, which may have been done using a Spritesheet.

The first one looks like a beam or ParticleEmitter as far as the flames go, with the rest being done in ScreenGuis. The bottom one isn’t convincing as a Gif because I’m seeing the application of lighting and Roblox materials on the panel.

It would be helpful if place links were provided, probably to get a better look.

Mine is in fact an animated SurfaceGui, the game continuously generates and tweens the symbols, even the trail of dots that flows across the screen is a custom 2D particle system. Much like what other devs have said, I would recommend foregoing the GIF route and recreating the desired visuals with Particles, Beams, Trails, and/or various scripted UI elements.