Creating a Hi-Res Spritesheet?

I have seen many posts of people wanting to replicate Gifs within ROBLOX, this is often done with a sprite sheet, but all of the methods I’ve seen seem to be limited to low-res simple displays.

I’m looking at creating an animated background for my game - Nothing too drastic, but still a higher resolution than the SpriteSheets offer.

Is there a way I can do this without inserting 100+ frames individually?

There’s no real way to achieve this (high-resolution wise), Roblox compresses images anyway.

You may want to have a look at this:

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Keep in mind that after cramming as many frames as you can into an image, your image will be downscaled to 1024x1024px if it exceeds that size. If you’re aiming for an animated background for your game, I’d recommend a scripted background, since 1024x1024px isn’t even big enough to cover a 1920x1080px monitor.

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Ideally, this is the sort of effect what I’m aiming for -

// EDIT:
Similar to this also -

Going by the articles, is it best to wait for the release of VideoFrames?

You should probably wait for VideoFrames or the release of procedural clouds (its on this year’s roadmap :tada:).

VideoFrame: will most likely cost a boatload of Robux to upload the video, which might be limited to a certain resolution or filesize.

Procedural clouds: feature coming for free later this year, you could design the clouds and sky the way you want and have the Camera pointed straight up as a free alternative.

Funnily enough, with enough time and effort, I could see the latter being implemented in Roblox as a scripted background using purely GUI objects. I might give it a shot for my upcoming game and let you know how it looks :slight_smile:

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This is a bit tricky without video frames, but feasible. You’ll have to upload each frame separately and preload all of them. Create like 5 image labels to avoid blank frames and change their z-indices each frame as well as their asset URLs.

Here’s a visual representation of what I mean:

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