Creating a new badge on my game just gave me a ridiculously long Badge ID?

Great change how exactly? Doubling the number count just seems excessive, doesn’t it? Another update we didn’t ask for…?

We need to make changes sometimes to accommodate with back-end migrations to new technologies. Since 99.99% of the time people are copy-pasting badge IDs back-and-forth anyway, the length should be fairly inconsequential, as nobody should be typing these out by hand. Please let us know if we missed a use case there, but judging from the rest of responses from your peers, it should be okay.


Will asset IDs eventually migrate to a Base64 system, similar to how YouTube handles things?
It would help in situations where a game asks a player to supply an image ID (although a proper solution might be better).

Also, here’s a somewhat relevant Tom Scott video.

I don’t think an ideal situation is one where a player is manually typing in asset IDs, that seems like an anti-pattern to me that shouldn’t be further invested into. It’s better if the platform provides you a way to prompt user-friendly ways to list and pick from assets. You’d best post these kind of problems as separate feature requests.

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