Creating a realistic build and animation

Recently, I contacted the co-owner of the game Half-Blox 2. I asked him how he animated his game as it was very detailed. They could even make the mouths move, which I found amazing. If you have played the game before you would know how detailed it is. I asked him how he made the mouths move and he said using the Roblox animation editor.
The thing is, I don’t really know how to use the roblox animation editor so I need your help. I heard about this plugin called Moon animation editor and some people also say it’s good.
These are a few questions I really want to find the answer to:

  1. Which one is better? Moon Animator or Roblox animation editor?
  2. What can I use to create a realistic build?
    That’s all. Thank you for all your help in advance!
  1. Moon Animator is definitely more advanced than the default Roblox Studio Animator and it also offers more possibilities when it comes to creating stylized animations, so you should definitely go for that.

  2. You can create realistic builds with studio alone but I would suggest that you download Blender (or any other 3D-Modeling software) because it offers way more advanced geometry tools. Another thing I would keep in mind when it comes to realistic builds is that textures are as important or even more important than the actual geometry of your map/model.

I hope that this helped you! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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If you watch J-Bug on YouTube, he uses Moon Animator and you can watch how smooth it is. It is more advanced than the Studio Animator on Roblox but it’s totally worth learning. There’s multiple tutorials on YouTube and it didn’t take long to learn.

I recommend using blender as said by @LuxEyes. It’s a great app used to make low poly items and models. It’s more advanced than studio and is easy once you’re used to it. I recommend watching @ZebraRBLX on YouTube as he’s a master at Blender. He’s also makes UGC items alongside MuneebParwazMP and his overall products are amazing, I defo recommend!!

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May I know the name of the channel that @ZebraRBLX has?

Are there any Youtubers you watched to learn how to animate?
Or how did you learn to animate?

Check out this post, it contains animation.