Creating chat sections with permissions

Hi devs, I am creating a roleplay game and I need to create the chat categories (I have already seen them in others roleplay games). I have no idea on how to make them so I am here asking help. Thanks.

I have found this image on Google and it is exactly what I want.

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Those chat categories can be enabled by setting ShowChannelsBar to true in the ChatSettings. Check out this tutorial I wrote a while ago regarding managing chat settings:

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I have already read your post but I did not understand exactly what do I need to do.

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The tutorial here shows you how to modify chat settings through script as well as a list of all the chat settings available. The code is in the thread and the option you’re looking to add to the table is ShowChannelsBar (needs to be marked as true).

And how can I create other sections? When I make it true it creates System section.

Check the DevForum for API docs and try experimenting out with them: Lua Chat System. The buttons in the bar represent ChatChannels that you can change between. You register new ones first by using ChatService’s AddChannel and then, with the returned channel object, set the properties as you like. When a player joins this chat channel either manually or due to your code, it will also appear as a button in the channels bar.

Yeah but, in the ChatSettings script, where do I need to set up another tab?

You don’t do it through the ChatSettings script, please read my response carefully. The only thing you need ChatSettings for (or the method inscribed in the tutorial) is for enabling the bar to begin with. The bar above the chat window, if enabled, includes buttons to allow players to switch between chat channels. You have to programmatically add channels for them to appear in the bar.

I encourage you to do a bit of research and testing on the chat API as well as to read the responses given carefully so you understand what you can do to achieve this. I’ve given you the information necessary to make this happen as well as to add your own channels.