Creating Unique Game Ideas


It could work!


I love what you presented. This is actually what can help many developers create their game! Hopefully it can help me make mine too. This is a really helpful topic you created.


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Idea’s are a nightmare to think off, when making a game I usually use sights like:


Actually, That might work, but then again some might backfire
An Idea I just made is making a robloxian version of Pokemon Quest!
The fighters you choose move automatically while you activate their special moves in a dungeon clearing like thing. (usually with a miniboss at the end of each level)
Then you can return to base and summon more fighters!


Andrew from blender guru once made an excellent point: one of the best ways to get an idea is to start with one word. Most people try to find a starting place, but they can’t because they don’t know where. One time I created the idea for an entire post apocalyptic universe based on hydrolic weapons just because of the word “cloud”. If you can’t come up with a word, ask for one, or use a word generator.


Really usefull :slight_smile: