Creation of CS:GO ar_dizzy map

Recently I worked for a studio, but the project was disbanded.

Here is the map I made for them.
As always, I would always like to improve on building.

Please critique this ar_dizzy map from CS:GO that I made.

It is currently not complete and I may be continuing to work on it.

Here is also a link to the game for anyone who wants to check it out closely.
The game should be very lag free considering mostly everything is meshed. text


I don’t think you published it properly.

Oh sorry, forgot all about that. It’s published now.

looks great so far! just like the real thing

Yes thank you, I went into the real place and took many screenshots.

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Looks great, most detailed Dizzy map I’ve seen in Roblox. One thing I would add if you are going to continue working on it is maybe use more suiting textures that do not have sort of cut offs. Maybe add some more detail in the office room, but none the less dude it looks great!