Creation of Public Servers via code?

I’ve been looking into possible implementation of a command to create public servers. For example, a user might type “!newserver playername” and it would teleport that player (or list of players) to a new public server. I can handle command implementation on my own, but issues will arise when I attempt to do this. It looks like I can accomplish something similar with “Reserved” servers, but the problem is that you can only join these in game. I do not want that, I want 2 different servers.

As for the use case, this would allow multiple events to occur at once in a game I’m setting up.

I began looking at TeleportService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub and thought, what if I used the same PlaceId, but used a randomized string for the job? Would Roblox make a new server using it, or??

Any thoughts in how this could be achieved, or a method to force the creation of a new public server?

You could use messsaging service to get all the servers and see if the player is in one, then teleport them to a reserve server.


I’m looking to create servers.

Reserve servers cannot be joined from here: (Or so the API says)

As I said I know how and have the command logic set, I’m looking to actually create a server and teleport them to it.

Or do you mean Messagingservice will hold onto past and present servers, so if I somehow make a ton of servers on game launch, I can use messageservice to scan then and locate servers with no players, and teleport them?

How about TeleportService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub?

This sorta does what I want. The problem is as I said, it doesn’t detail servers on the list on the website as it can only be accessed in game.

You might take a look at this forum thread and see if any of the information there is useful to your specific use case: How to create servers and join them? - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - Roblox Developer Forum

From the look of it there is no API to create a new public server. You could use ReserveServer to create a server and have an in game GUI that allowed other players to join it. In theory you could also set up your own system for placing players into servers once they join the game, if that is what you are trying to achieve.

Not exactly what I wanted to do. I’m not making a hub game, just in some instances a separate server is needed. Seeing as it doesn’t really exist, I guess I’m stuck doing something like this though.

Thank you!