Creator Roadmap - AMA with Dan and Manuel

Roblox is planning on making UGC public?

How will Roblox be able to manage and moderate the amount of new Creator’s creations?

As there’s so much Limited Knockoffs recently and I can’t imagine the amount that will follow after UGC being public.


Hello, Dan and Manuel! Hope your day has been going alright so far. Here’s my questions regarding the roadmap:

The prospect of “dynamic filters” (aka Genres) coming back is amazing, but does Roblox plan on re-integrating the existing genres into the infinite-scrolling type system that Roblox once had instead of limiting sorts to around 20-30 games? This could help dramatically improve discoverability for smaller titles, as the front page could become a lot less exclusive with a system like this.

In addition, with the push for Future lighting, several developers have taken notice of advanced lighting technology such as Volumetric Lighting. (see Elltob’s VOLUMIKA) Does Roblox have plans to integrate such types of lighting into Studio at any point in the future?


Regarding the Balance safety and moderation point of week part 3 there is a bulletin for “Server-sided anti-cheat”.

Given there is another bulletin for Alt-Account detections, I can reasonably assume they are not directly related.

My question here is, while I assume you can’t discuss what these “server-sided anti-cheats” are exactly, could these be tools that developers can use or are they going to be something that just exists in the background, like general security enhancements (for example, the recent RejectCharacterDeletion replication)?



What will you do to avoid chaos in public marketplace? What requirements users will need to meet to upload UGC items into the marketplace? Will UGC creators who applied in the past have special perks or will they be no different from other people?

I love how the creator roadmap is going right now! I love how its being tried to improve Roblox a lot! I hope this effort works out and the updates and new things that have been said happens in the best way.

Thanks a lot!


I do have a rather small question,

As everyone knows, a client-sided anti-cheat has been rolled out to all users known as “Hyperion” by Byfron.

My question is, what server-sided anti-cheat solutions will come to Roblox? And, how will you guys solve the alt account problem where an exploiter can quickly create an alt account and return to continue cheating?



As part of the Avatar creation and Marketplace section of the roadmap, it is stated that we can expect the UGC program to go public, in the sense that everyone can publish avatar items to the Marketplace.

  • Community-led Marketplace - Everyone can publish avatar items to the Marketplace, including Limiteds (Late 2023)

Can we get more information on the implications of this change? What would the requirements would be to use these features when it is public? Is the platform even ready for this change, given the current state of the UGC catalog being full of items copied from Roblox’s classic items, tons of low effort content, and a very out of touch limited system? I feel as though a ton of things need to be addressed with the program and the systems in place right now before any sort of public change goes live. Can we expect any changes to the current UGC systems in place before a public release?


What are the plans for improving the inventory system? Even when you developers inventories are set to private, anyone is still able to find our assets. We’ve been getting a lot of our new assets leaked from our inventories. These leaks have been even shared by some popular youtube channels. We’d like to be able to upload and create assets without the public finding out what’s coming in our updates. It’s a big issue for us.

This is a longstanding issue, and it should be a high priority. Any news to share on this? Thanks in advance!



With the introduction of Byfron and the announcement that we will Roblox will be “giving you more ways to identify and block cheaters” and well as the ability to “take action on repeat offenders and help us combat exploiters on Roblox”, does this mean that we will have better support for actually detecting cheaters and banning them rather than just hoping Byfron works?

Right now Byfron is doing great for my game, but there are still cheaters using alternative platforms to avoid detection and their numbers are growing. Will Roblox themselves begin taking action on exploiter accounts or will each game still have to deal with them as they come?


Hey Dan and Manuel, glad you are doing this AMA, excited to hear what you have to say.

What specifically is Roblox’s plan to age up the platform?


The roadmap briefly mentions monetization for the Creator Marketplace:

Are there any insights on the kinds of actions that are being considered to “improve earnings”?


Loving the extra communication from Roblox lately!

The lighting engine has always been one of my pet peeves with the Roblox engine. It feels incredibly limited and creating an environment that is visually appealing (especially in large and open spaces) is far more tedious than it should be.

Are there any planned improvements to it or new features we can expect to see any time soon? Light range was brushed aside a while back for undisclosed engine level limitations, but unless it isn’t feasible for some reason should these not be ironed out for the sake of improving an absolutely crucial element of any appealing map design?

Somewhat related, if mobile support is of concern, would the possibility of adding some more advanced features be considered if developers are willing to narrow their playable devices in order to enable them? I am aware that Roblox aims to be as lightweight of an application as possible but I don’t believe that should stand in the way of quality.


  • Community-led Marketplace - Everyone can publish avatar items to the Marketplace, including Limiteds (Late 2023)

This is incredibly vague on if any further-protections be implemented before this release? Will I have to worry about my prized Roblox accessory that has a high-RAP / sentimental value (offsales) being re-uploaded with minor-differences?

I understand if this can’t be stated yet (or hasn’t yet been finalised) however this uncertainty just makes it more scary than relieving to see that this feature is coming! I’ve already seen over 30 accessories trying to copy the offsale valkyrie I wear (which has a lot of sentimental value to me, as it was awarded by Roblox DevRel to me and many other former testers), with no way to report the infringing content since Roblox does not handle their own DMCAs for their own accessories?


I understand roblox plans to open up UGC publicly to everyone, as a ugc creator I think thats very fair!
However I do have some concerns, mainly… moderation.

I understand roblox is doing its best to moderate accessories, as mentioned here:

But since then… more and more copies have popped up, if I recall there was a wave of copy-cat limiteds that got deleted, only to be restored the next day because they contacted support.

How does roblox plan to deal with a larger scale of players creating UGC accessories, if they’re not really able to manage the amount of creators at the moment?

Another thing, a lot of players right now are taking advantage of other ugc creators, tricking them into uploading accessories without knowing the accessories break the rules i.e copyright infringement…
the copyright infringing accessories are still on the platform, and the only person who gets in trouble is the person who uploads it, and not the guy who asked for it to be uploaded. I understand its the uploaders fault however this happens a LOT and its always the same people.

It would be nice if roblox were to keep track of groups who publish things against tos and possibly revoke accessories being uploaded to them as a form of getting rid of bad-actors who do things like this, does roblox have any sort of plan for improving moderation this way? or any upcoming features specifically regarding accessory moderation? because it feels like accessory moderation isn’t working…


Hi Dan and Manuel,

In the roadmap, there are plans to make the UGC program public before the end of this year. As the UGC program expands and more creators join, there is also growing competition, making it increasingly challenging to earn a sustainable income.

Currently, UGC creators earn 30% for every sale of their item, while developers earn 40% simply by selling other people’s items in their games. This distribution seems disproportionate, as affiliates receive a higher revenue percentage than the original creator of the item.

Are there any plans to address this issue when UGC goes public and potentially switch the percentages between UGC creators and developers to make it more equitable and rewarding for UGC creators?


Hey Dan and Manuel! I have 3 questions regarding the Creator Roadmap that i’d like more clarification or details to.

1. Automatic Chat Translations
Is Automatic Chat Translations a forced feature or a toggle feature, and what if the translation is wrong or has said something inappropriate by accident? Will this count for moderation action or be moderated?

2. Inventory API
What’s the difference between Inventory API and MarketplaceService when MarketplaceService already has MarketplaceService:PlayerOwnsAsset, As Inventory API is supposed to check if a user owns an item?

3. Friend Invites
Lastly, When it comes to this feature specifically, is this like or similar to the old party feature?, Is it something entirely new?, Is this the Squad feature people have been teasing and releasing?, and how will it fully work, Will it require you to be in the same party as your friends or work like a regular Experience Invite?

Those are all my questions regarding the Creator Roadmap, If you choose to answer these, Thank you and i appreciate the work you guys have been putting to improve the platform and it’s features!


We want our creators to use the best tool for the job and that does include external script editors and source control. We are working on a way to seamlessly expose files from Studio to support script editors, source control, etc but also doesn’t lead to inconsistencies in Studio, Team Create and our cloud APIs. Right now this work is in the design phase.

We’ll keep you posted and give you an update at RDC.


I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the future of “middleware” on the platform, and what is happening over at Roblox to support creators who want to build tools, toolchains and plugins to support other developers?

Any plans for opening up more access for plugins inside of studio, like file system support?

Also are there any plans for financially supporting these kind of tool developers? The current plugin marketplace doesn’t really reflect the reality of software that licences for $100 USD+


Additional Spam & Plagiarism Protections - More rigorous plagiarism detection and punishments for repeat offenders (Late 2023)

Alt-Account Detection - Take action on repeat offenders and help us combat exploiters on Roblox (Late 2023)

Over the past several years, there’s been a lot of groups which use blank alternate accounts as the Owner, with the real accounts behind the group at a rank or two lower. Often, they’re doing things which violate Roblox’s ToS, such as uploading stolen material they expect to get a DMCA takedown and hoping that when they get caught Roblox only moderates the blank Owner account.

Is this something that you expect to be covered with these changes?


Hey! I have a few questions about the future of public UGC!

There are features which are presumably going to be released to all UGC Creators (for instance, shoes), but we haven’t gotten a release yet, and they aren’t on the roadmap. Are these features going to be rolled out before everyone has access?

When “everyone” has access, does that mean every account has access off the bat? If so, I feel as though the 24-hour cooldowns on limiteds are going to be pointless if some creators choose to make alts to upload their limiteds to when the marketplace becomes accessible publicly.

What’s going to happen with the 750 robux upload fee when UGC goes public? This feels as though it may be a barrier for many who want to start uploading. Will this be shifting at all, and will it vary based on item type (as has been the case with the on-sale fee for limiteds)?

Similarly, will the price floors/ceilings be adjusted at all? Different item tiers have different limits (i.e. face items have a floor of 15, while head items have a floor of 50), and this can incentivize intentional improper categorization of items. This has been mentioned a few times before among creators, such as:



Adding on to my question:

How will a developer be able to prevent an exploiter from changing their avatar’s position illegally?
Will the server now have authority over the character and now we will be able to finally prevent hacks such as no-clipping, speed hacking, etc without doing hacky things or will you guys just offer a basic public module for a simple anti-cheat?

And, how will you guys solve the alt account problem where an exploiter can quickly create an alt account and return to continue cheating? Will it affect a normal user creating an alt account for an innocent purpose or will they get punished as well?
(For example, a youtuber creating an alt account to be anonymous)
How will this system work? When I get a punishment for another reason(maybe false) other than exploitation will I still be able to create a new account and play Roblox or am I not allowed on Roblox anymore?