Creator Roadmap - AMA with Dan and Manuel

We’re investigating SurfaceAppearance.Color but don’t have any news to share. We don’t have any plans to add Z-index, but we are investigating layered materials.


Hey, do you mean like ID verification? (ID verification is completely useless anyways)

I hope to see a trusted and actually useful way to verify creators!


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Please check in with VC moderation, as this is not the case at all. Many users are getting banned from VC after bad actors are sending in false reports. Moderation provides no reason for the ban and appeals team claim (in a exact copy pasted email) that you have had “multiple violations of community guidelines” I said 0 words at all in VC and somehow got banned- there is not way to explain how that is fair.

I really hope this gaslighting will stop. No, moderation still isn’t good or anywhere near that. It’s really disheartening to hear Roblox continue to emphasize that they have world class and fair moderation when in reality anyone who has had to experience this knows otherwise.

The post about the problem:Voice chat moderation : Moderation reason needs to be given when banned from voice chat - #10 by OneEDM



We LOVE the feature with the introduction of user-generated limited unique items, as well as being able to distribute stock copies through experiences. This has opened doors for many creators to hold in-experience events where free limiteds are distributed as well.

Will we ever see non-limited items have the option to be distributed as free rewards in experiences?

Thank You!

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Ooooooh, layered materials sound delicious! I’m going to whack on another question; are there any discussions about allowing materials to better respond to their local area? For example, think being able to have grit and dirt appear in crevices on a mesh, or having edges look more worn away than central areas.


Hello! I have developed a plugin that measures data sizes of incoming remotes to help developers optimize their network data.

Being able to find out how Roblox compresses and packages data when sending them through remotes would be awesome and help future-proof my plugin! - I had to almost solely rely on dozens of self-made benchmarks, coupled with some insights from rojo’s binary model docs.

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Hi, I know you guys are busy, but instead of brushing off ever UGC creator’s complaint about the unfair percentage split we get, can we just hear that you guys will consider what we’re asking for? It doesn’t have to be much. A 35/35/30% with games and even 50/50% in marketplace would mean worlds for us to know you’d at least consider thinking about.

We’re investigating a very Robloxian foliage/set dressing/scattering system, but we don’t have any details to share at this time. Feel free to give us suggestions as to what features you’d like in it!


Do you guys plan on saving this for the last? Or will there be any acknowledgement to @Noble_Draconian 's post(s) Seems a bit odd nothing has been said on the top post is all. Just curious cause we’re well past the 90 minute mark. Clearly (at this moment) 72 of us want to know.


We don’t have a timeline yet but this is something we’re looking at adjusting as we start to roll out video for all creators.


Is there any update on reliability types for remote events?


Global wind is the very first step towards an aerodynamic simulation (and then full fluid simulation), which has a multi-year roadmap. We have plans to deliver local wind/wind areas, like you asked, but as we’re building our system to be physically correct, it’ll take us a while to implement. We’ll share more shortly when we release the next part of aero.


We’ve heard your feedback and know this capability is important to enable a wide range of experiences and make them run well in a wide range of situations, as you called out. We’ve started working on this but don’t have a timeframe for release yet.


Are there by any chance plans on adding something along the lines of MaterialVariant.AlphaMode? Sure, we can still utilize an old bug of a feature to create an effect of tiling with SurfaceAppearance, but it just does not work in the long run.


Moderation Precision
Very glad to see Roblox improving moderation precision, but at the moment it’s quite terrible for anyone in the 2D clothing space and far too often over-punished for users trying to even upload their designs.
Along with precision, the support given to developers appealing assets takes far too long is too tedious.
(Generally I see a lot of people complaining on twitter about these issues)

Creator Hub Homepage
Currently aside from experiences you cannot see sales of any assets on create.roblox page. Is there any ETA on when we’ll be able to gauge our sales without using 3rd party places. As currently I believe Accessories, Models, Decals, Plugins, Shirts, Pants, etc do not have any statistics on revenue/sales that are accessible through create.roblox.

Relaxed Text Filter
For the text filters, shouldn’t they be via user instead of via the experience? Would make a lot more sense if older users could talk as they like instead in any game rather than all being funneled into a few specific games.


We are working on this now and expect it to be live by end of year!


Slight addendum:

I must have missed the earlier post from Fluffmiceter which is identical to the first half of mine. The second half still applies.

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This isn’t a question but I think it needs to be said:

Someone has reached out over Discord and been candid about the plans for “supporting” Rojo going forward. It turns out to be pleasantly good news. To summarize it for anyone not in the server:

  • Roblox wants to develop an open spec for file formats
  • They also want to develop a “human readable and easily parsed” file format
  • Community feedback will be considered once it’s ready and the feedback will be done over the DevForum
  • There is no exact ETA but there will probably be something at RDC
  • Opaque blobs like Attributes and Terrain will be considered when developing the spec and format

This is, frankly, amazing news and I’m excited for the Rojo team and everyone else to be able to put their expertise towards use with documenting and developing a format soon™. :smile:


Once we support transferring experiences to other accounts, it will automatically move all products and information for the experience: Data Stores, places, badges, passes, analytics, etc. Initially we’re supporting user to group transfers but hope to eventually support all types of transfers including user to user, group to user, and group to group.


Would we ever be able to modify CoreUI to suit our game? Like transparency, size, etc.

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