Creator Roadmap - AMA with Dan and Manuel

Could we get elaboration on what this means?
Is this ID verification?
Manual review process?
Other metrics?


Our long-term vision is to enable the community to document anything that will be relevant for creators. Our initial focus will be to improve the quality and coverage of Roblox platform documentation and best practices. We will eventually expand to include documentation on community generated libraries and frameworks.

Once open source docs launch, edit links will become available to developers on the docs site. Any edits will result in a Github PR, which will be reviewed and approved by internal tech writers or engineers. This will ensure completeness and accuracy of information we share with our larger creator community.


My biggest issue with Roblox at the moment (and at every other moment) is that the engine is incredibly limited when compared to game engines from the early 2000s. The Source engine which had its first public release in 2004 has many features that Roblox even now does not support.

Those including decals that wrap around meshes and terrain in the world convincingly, projected textures which have all sorts of uses, displaying a camera’s view on a screen like a security camera, using animated textures and emissive textures, textures of any resolution, particles which collide with the environment, node-based 3D pathfinding etc etc.

Even more advanced features that are already in Roblox like refraction on glass or reflections on terrain water are not exposed to the user. Will we ever get the ability to distort the environment or create our own reflective surfaces like other modern engines out there?

Thank you for your time and thanks for doing one of these! Hope there will be more in the future!


We believe Creator Marketplace is core to our developer community. We have an opportunity to accelerate creation, and we believe those who choose to invest their time creating better tooling, plugins, and assets should have great opportunities to develop their businesses. We have started with tactical improvements like helping consumers better find assets through semantic search and rich media.

We are taking a thoughtful approach to the market economics and will have more to share on that this year.


Hello again,

I would like to ask some more questions,

  1. When will verification thresholds be announced and will there be a application for verification?

  2. Will there ever be a method to send Robux as payment for commissions? People usually
    can not send robux through groups, so it would be great to have an alternative to send
    robux fee-free or a lot less fee.

  3. Will moderation team increase in size with the announcement of UGC going public?

  4. Is there going to be requirements for UGC uploading within the future of public release to be able to put an item out?

  5. Will there be a section for Roblox items and UGC items?

  6. Is there any planning of making offsale items come back?

Thanks again!


Yes, we’re actively working on unblocking frame rate. Separately, we’re always working to improve our performance! In the past few months, we’ve improved the performance of fundamental Luau operations like table.sort and math.floor/ceil, we improved avatar load times by ~16% (P50), reduced memory usage in part of our physics system by 70%, and more.


Is UGC actually coming to everyone later this year? How will this work? Will you still need to apply?


Is there a plan for improvement on Roblox’s API documentation (website API, not lua). I understand there is a plan to improve regular documentation, but Roblox’s API is slightly lacking when it comes to design, and list of open endpoints, especially because a lot of developers are lacking endpoints which they can use for utility. I’d have to isolate specific issues, but there are definitely some that just don’t exist that developers really need access to.

Along with that, is Roblox planning on increasing education and documentation for learning? The current roblox tutorials only provide a meager amount of information, and while Roblox has pushed for more presence in the classrooms, there is not enough material to be turned into at a minimum semester-long course. You could get through the education pages within a week or two, and if you stretch it, maybe a month. I’ve tried proposing using roblox luau to teachers, but there is not enough to work with, and that’s a major limitation.


Will roblox consider making a developer support network.
My biggest issue as a roblox developer who has had a couple successful games on this platform is that my entire income always seems to be hanging on a thread.
I could get my account unrightfully banned tomorrow and loose my entire business and my only support line is going through public roblox customer support which for developers is (no offence) useless or I can make a fuss on twitter.
I think there needs to be a dedicated support team for developers that can help with issues on the platform that should be open to anyone with a game making income on the platform.
This would much increase the confidence developers have investing in the platform and in my opinion is necessary at this stage.

P.S. If this feature already exists in a limited capacity for “top developers” I think it really needs to be expanded. Roblox is already my full time income and I plan to make a lot more money for this platform but if upcoming and medium sized developers like me have no support itll be harder to become the top developers of the future.


This was mostly answered in this question, but to restate this year we expect to be able to link alt accounts and will get better at having consequences “flow” across all alts. We’ll start these actions with the most serious violations and gradually ramp it up.


Great work! thanks, I am also thinking about not just lua operations but the actual rendering engine.

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I was wondering if you guys have expansion to more console platforms (PS4/5, Nintendo Switch, etc) on the horizon. I would love if there was a renewed focus towards making Roblox on consoles the best it possibly can be. Right now, there are several outstanding issues with Roblox on Xbox such as not being allowed to have chat features or reserved server teleports creating duplicate servers for non-Xbox vs Xbox players.


AlSalamu Alaykum @TheKingsHappyFool and @Aelarix! i have two suggestions

My first suggestion is adding C++ integration to Studio (For expert devs to code more complex games)

And my second suggestion is Roblox Studio’s support for iPad since i typed this with my M1 iPad Pro.

If you guys read this, Thank You! (I’m very Sorry For spamming :sweat_smile:)

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Two questions here.

For UI design, yes, we want even better and more customizable UI systems. Today, we provide flexible, low-level access, and you all have built impressive systems on this, such as Elttob’s Fusion UI framework. We’re working on three areas to improve our built-in framework: more controls (like sliders–we want you to have the best!), better customization with a stylesheet system, and dynamic layouts that scale across all platforms we support with no extra work on your end. We expect to release stylesheets and more controls this year and dynamic layouts afterwards.

Regarding your second question about third-party code editors, please see this answer here.


Does this mean there will be a setting inside the Roblox Menu where we can change FPS limits? And, could that functionality be accessible to developers?

My vision with Roblox is to be able to have my own settings menu with all the options Roblox has. Hopefully negating Roblox’s menu one day in a safe and effective way. It is bad UX to have players go through my settings menu and Roblox’s for different things.


Honestly the coolest thing to happen on roblox in ages, felt great
workclocks have over 100,000 favourites like they should be limited already

hopefully we can get a response :crossed_fingers:

This one is strong as well, the forum closed because of moderation being hard to handle, UGC Is the same but i belive they plan to automate.


We want creators to be in control of how their content is used, whether they are on-platform or off-platform creators. We’re actively working on extending the asset privacy feature, which we launched with audio last year, to other asset types (focused on images, meshes, and models) so developers can avoid leaks and ensure only authorized use of their assets.

We already support DMCA takedowns which help creators take down unauthorized content so privacy will provide even greater control when it comes to on-platform content. Keep checking the roadmap to see improvements to privacy rolling out this year into next year.


Hi Dan And Manuel
do you want to make it so that any user can issue allexuaries and even those who have not applied to UGC?


In the “Creator Hub is your key to success” part of the roadmap, will group experiences be able to be transferred to your main account if you’re the owner of the group? I know many friends who have had many visits on group games, but those visits don’t appear on their Roblox profiles. I’m excited for Asset Privacy and Permissions!


As a developer working on a legacy game kept maintained to the present day, I’m most looking forward to the Experience Ownership Transfer.

I plan on using this feature as soon as its released, as being the sole holder of it has made life a living hell for my team both in terms of daily operations / game management and accounting / taxes. Is there any more information that can be given on this feature? (IE specific time tables for release, restrictions, caveats, and any other key information)