Creator Roadmap - AMA with Nick and Tian [Oct 4, 2023]

Roblox Connect will launch with one to one functionality, with API’s available to developers. After launch we’ll be working to expand the capabilities to include group communication.


Will we ever be able to register be able to register and deregister controls in the help tab of the Roblox menu?

We are working to make highlights available on all devices. There are no plans to increase the number of highlights supported at the moment but we know this is a common request and are looking into how to best expand in the future.


I believe you’ve misinterpreted the question. Currently, creators who accidentally set their age to be <13 are LOCKED into that age group, and cannot fix the age, even if they have an ID proving they are above 13 (hence “verifying with ID”)


Our major focuses right now are bringing Future is Bright (FIB) to Android by end of year and rolling out a new GPU-based lighting system that looks much closer to FIB than the current shadow map system, enabling better scalability. We’re also doing a lot behind the scenes to significantly improve terrain performance, as well as other improvements to physics and environment like grass length and wind.

Thank you for sharing the specific aspects for improvement, we’re always trying to work on smaller improvements in parallel with our larger features.


Roblox needs to listen to the community more about discovery. What is Roblox doing about that? I’d like some form of discussion with those who work on discovery and the entire community.

Here’s something for reference: Discovery does not respect the community, and desperately needs to change - #2 by Reditect

We are looking at ways to grant creators more control over memory usage and other aspects of the experience runtime. This means better tools to understand current consumption to assist optimization efforts as well.


Will there be any form of decrease in Roblox’s Fee and/or Tax percentage?

At the current moment on our platform, we make a lot of purchases even if it’s not development-wise.

I made a pretty clear board summarizing the entire list of whatever I could find that has a fee or tax.

I do predict that Roblox will keep on improving and introducing more and more features that include a fee or tax them, but at the moment I am not so sure about Subscriptions if they will include a fee of some sort.

I apologize in case this question is insulting in some sort of manner.


actually the tax for UGC items is 70%, meaning we (UGC creators) only make 5 cents for each dollar spent

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Why can’t we as creators view the sales of our assets in the creator dashboard or the API?

  1. using earned revenue in fiat currency to pay for creator marketplace assets is not currently on our roadmap, but we will take a look into what’s possible, as we want to provide as much flexibility as possible.
  2. currently, we have price floors but are planning to update them around the time we launch the changes to Creator Marketplace we announced at RDC.
  3. we said 2024, but obviously i’d want it out ASAP too!

thanks for the question. it’s a big change, and we’re being extremely thoughtful about changing the requirements. we are still finalizing the requirements for avatar items for opening up creation to everyone. the economy team plans to share a detailed post with final requirements in the coming weeks.


Are there any plans in future to allow for developers to let our users select a Lighting technology of their choice? Currently, the main game I work on uses voxel lighting due to wanting to remain accessible to as many users as possible, but we’d love to be able to use future lighting for users who are willing to accept the higher computational cost. To my knowledge, this couldn’t be changed without rejoining a game as the lighting technology gets initialized during client loading, but would still allow for much higher visual fidelity without a reduction in player counts due to players perceiving lag.


At RDC 2022, the common sentiment amongst the Studio team that I talked to was the desire for developers to use Roblox Studio and no 3rd party tools (VSCode etc.). With “Fitting Your Workflows” it seems that Roblox’s thoughts on 3rd party tools may have changed.

Is the goal to enable developers to use 3rd party tools? I’m namely interested in VSCode as Rojo has been the only option for 3rd-party coding for years now.

My question is very deep-rooted, as of recently we have seen Roblox pushing a lot of harsh updates that impact our workflow deeply, think Experiences using Marketplace Items - Policy update, the polar-opposing opinions (both positive and negative) of the new CoreGUI “upgrade” (discussed here) and the previous audio-privacy update.

These “updates” are major changes made to developers’ workflows, sometimes with little to no notice and seemingly no developer consultation before release. Is there anything being done to reduce the amount of these harsh updates and / or ensure that no developer is unfairly impacted by a decision made that clearly did not respect the creative vision of their experience?


Hello and thanks for the ama.
Will we ever have custom grass? triangles are kinda bad now.
And will we have editable normal map density like in unity? It will be REALLY useful, currently we need to use third party apps to edit normal map’s density which takes a lot of time and effort.

oh this is a great question and what an interesting idea. as you know, we just launched video uploads today. videos are private for now, but we are looking into making audio and video more easily shareable with groups and friends (it’s on the roadmap) by the end of the year and other asset types next year, which could make your idea possible. let us know how it goes!

we’re excited to see your interest in Android Future is Bright, and we’re currently targeting a beta release before the end of this year. we’ll have more information to share as we get closer to the release.


Thank you for your question. We’re currently focused on improving our terrain’s overall performance and scalability. Internally, we’ve started to think about the future of materials on Roblox. This is a great request, and we’ll take note while we explore the best solution for all creators.


We’re currently focused on improving terrain’s performance and scalability. We’re always open to hearing feedback and suggestions from creators. If you have any specific asks around what type of controls you’d like to see, we’d love to hear it.


We don’t currently have plans for full body tracking, but in 2024 we will be extending our facial tracking tech to the upper body. Working seamlessly with our existing Facial Animation Stack, this real-time animation of your avatar’s upper body will work sitting, standing, and when the body is partially hidden.